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  • 1939’s Wearable Tech Predictions

    1939’s Wearable Tech Predictions

    Think the hype around wearable tech is new? Nope. And this video from 1939 proves it. 
  • On Our Radar: Eone + The Bradley

    On Our Radar: Eone + The Bradley

    Wearable tech is fairly new, but that doesn’t mean that certain gimmicks haven’t already emerged. One of our least favorite…
  • On Our Radar: AMPY

    On Our Radar: AMPY

    Charge your phone using the energy in your body. This is a pretty compelling promise, right? Goodness knows that this…
  • FD Mobile Executive Summit

    FD Mobile Executive Summit

    The Fashion Digital Executive Summit will be held in NYC on March 24… and it’s shaping up to be a good…
  • You Should Know: Macala Wright

    You Should Know: Macala Wright

    Long time members of the fashion tech community will recognize Macala Wright, who’s been providing insights in the space across…
  • So, What is the “Internet of Things”?

    So, What is the “Internet of Things”?

    You’re not alone in thinking that the phrases all jumble together: internet of things, IoT, internet of everything, IoE, connected…
  • On Our Radar: Stantt

    On Our Radar: Stantt

    One of the business models that we follow with interest in Mass Customization + Bespoke, which we see changing the…
  • On Our Radar: Moodmetric

    On Our Radar: Moodmetric

    This Finnish startup provides an intriguing wearable: imagine wearing a ring that can track your emotions, which can then help…
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