Fashion & Technology Databases

Fashion & Technology Databases

You might already know that we’re building a free, searchable database of all Fashion 2.0 and Third Wave Fashion companies (web-based fashion companies that utilize disruptive business models, social elements, and cutting edge technology).

We’ve looked to some other databases for inspiration – and found both things to emulate and things to avoid. Overall, we’ve found that exploring databases can be fun and provide great insights. So, we thought we’d share with you the list of databases that we look at for both inspiration and information. (First comes tech, then comes fashion.)


CrunchBase – This is the Granddaddy of tech company databases, and is part of the TechCrunch family of websites. Launched in 2007, this is a Wiki-style database.  It’s huge; at last count, they had over 78,000 companies, although we’ve found less than 1/3 of our companies are also listed here.

They’ve got great factual information about things such as funding rounds, founding dates, and traffic. (Note to tech entrepreneurs: since this is a wiki-style database, you’ve got no excuse for not being listed on here. Join us!) Its design is simple and utilitarian, and it’s information rich.

Best use: This is a great place to get the facts about any tech company that you might be interested in. 

ChubbyBrain – This site refers to themselves as a “Funding Recommendation Engine,” and it’s focused on just that. They have a massive amount of data having to do with startup launches and funding events in order to provide robust and pertinent data to potential investors.

When I had lunch with Anand Sanwal, CBInsights’s co-founder and CEO, he described for me their super sleek algorithms that comb their data dynamically and can offer insight for companies and investors alike, as well as matching between the two. It’s a robust and focused database of tech startups.

Best use: If you’re an investor, or are ready to look for investment, spend time on this site. 

VentureBeat Profiles – This site focuses on tech startups as well. It’s a larger database, and very focused on the user experience. There are many different fun ways to explore the site, including very specific industries or your own personal interests.

My favorite feature of this site is their ‘User Opinion’ pages (example: Ning’s). It’s a totally unscientific poll of how users think a company will do – and it’s fun to read.

Best use: Spend some time exploring and learning about other companies; let the site guide you. 


WWDirectory – This feature on the Women’s Wear Daily main site is a high-level, niche database of Designers, People, and Companies. It’s super utilitarian, and is basically a search feature added on top of the tagging of their articles and photos.

Best use: If you want to see what ‘The Bible of Fashion World’ has had to say about a well-known person or company, go here. 

Fashion’s Collective – Thoughtful and relevant to their main site’s content, this site’s Brand Directory is a nice compliment to their intelligent articles. With only around two dozen entries at this point, this site is a place to go deep, not broad.

Best use: To get a succinct overview of established fashion luxury brands. 

My Fashion Database – This is a robust and image-heavy database of the magazine covers, editorial shoots, campaigns, and people (models, stylists, editors, photographers) who make fashion happen. The companies listed are behind the scenes companies – agencies, brands, producers.

Best use: Browsing covers and editorial work, or finding resources for photo shoots.

So, what will the Third Wave Fashion database look like? 

Like the best parts of all of these sites, we hope. We’re all about fashion focused, web based startups – and we’ll focus on the companies, founders, and funders. Our database currently has over 200 companies in it, and we expect that number to roughly double by the time we launch this winter.

You’ll be able to search by company type, size, traffic, location, and much more. We plan to offer a free embeddable widget for publishers and bloggers (like CrunchBase and VentureBeat do), and we will offer insights into what the data is telling us (like CBInsights does).

The Third Wave Fashion database will be a rich source of information for analysts, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, publishers, writers, and those that are simply interested. Stay tuned for our launch, and meanwhile, spend some time exploring the databases described above.

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Image, from Carrano ad campaign, shown on My Fashion Database.