Style Startups: Intro to Social Media Strategy

Style Startups: Intro to Social Media Strategy

These days, a well considered social media strategy is crucial to any new business. Whichever social media platforms you decide to use, it’s important to educate the team about what each member is responsible for, but also the the tone of each platform. We thought we’d share with you our starter strategy for social media. 

We use the ‘Big Three’, which you’ll be familiar with: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Each of these social media platforms are helpful tools that leverage awareness of, and build engagement with, your startup. We’re currently in the launching phase of our business, and wouldn’t put on a “Social Media Guru” name badge, but we’re a transparent company and would like to share our thinking. Below is our breakdown.


An easy, effective way to connect with existing friends and surround yourself with industry insiders of your choice. The “under 140 characters” restriction makes Twitter a fast and casual way of sharing thoughts, providing news, or making observations. Whatever your startup is, make sure you follow people in similar circles to stay updated with their latest news.

Hashtagging, mentioning, and retweeting, are all essential aspects of engaging with your Twitter community. Hashtagging (#fashtech) categorizes your tweet so that people can search under that category (ie: KimK files for divorce) and can drive new users to your profile. Mentioning (@Bergdorfs) people serves the dual purpose of telling your followers who you’re talking about, and of letting that person know that you’ve mentioned them. A side benefit can be that those people may be interested in following you back. Retweet (RT @MrJoeZee) someone’s tweet if it’s relevant to your editorial voice- this pushes through networks and networks of twitter users.

While some people treat Twitter as a broadcasting mechanism (by not following people back and not engaging in the “stream”), we see Twitter as a community to help build and to engage with.

Keep this in mind that Twitter, for marketing purposes, should be interesting and fun. While everyone should have their own voice, it is vital to be eye-catching and thought provoking. (Hell, why you do think Lady Gaga has gotten 16 million+ followers?)

Speaking of followers, we feel that, although having a lot of followers is nice, it’s more important to have followers that are interested in what you are sharing. So remember to tweet valuable, insightful information and your fans will find you organically.  

Pro tip: We use and love Buffer App, and queue all of our tweets through it. We can all post to the same account, it will automatically time when the posts should go out, and we can view the analytics of our tweets, so that we know what information is the most interesting to our followers. 

Pro tip part deux: We like for their thoughtful scoring of  Twitter accounts. They measure ‘true reach’ and engagement metrics, and let you know how you’re really doing, far beyond follower count. 

Our twitter handle is @3rdWaveFashion, and we have a goal of posting 4-8 times a day – mostly about fashion technology news, with a little company personality thrown in for fun. 


Creating a company page is as important as tweeting your little heart out. Facebook, as we all know, is the “Grand Daddy” of all social media.

One of the easy parts of establishing your Facebook page is that – if you have friends on Facebook – you already have contacts that will potentially “Like” your page. The process of inviting your friends is kind of tedious (you have to click on all of your Facebook friends in order to invite them to like your page), but it’s a great way of sending out news feeds and interacting with your “friends.”

Another great thing about Facebook is the option to easily share pictures and videos, which humanizes your company. You can also buy paid advertisements, create events, and view your page’s “analytics.”

There are many different ways that you can use your company’s Facebook page, and it’s important to have a clear plan. In addition to the most basic marketing techniques (soliciting “Likes”), businesses can create events, find local customers, hold sales promotions, create polls and games, and even sell directly through ‘Facebook Commerce’. Spend some time thinking about how you’d like to best use the platform, or check out some of our favorite Facebook pages for inspiration: Net-A-Porter, Gilt Groupe, and JewelMint.

Pro tip: Facebook is great for contests, which are a great way to engage your readers in a social network that is overly saturated with news feeds, pictures, and tickers. For example: asks its readers to help them ”caption a photo” which then sends them to their Refinery29 Facebook page. They then have to post the caption under the picture in Facebook, thus increasing their chances of the page appearing on” non-liker’s” news feeds. Social networking at its nimblest.

Our beta Facebook page is here, and we have a goal of posting several times a day. You’ll see that we’ve got a lot of work to do on our page!


Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users easily to post pictures, videos, and text to their short-form blog, or “tumblog”. Tumblr is intended to be a company’s more relaxed and visually-focused blog; people often go to the site for eye candy or quick inspiration.

Essentially, your Tumblr posts can be shorter and straight-to-the-point, whereas your company blog will be lengthier and more informative. And above all on Tumblr: make sure that it looks good.

Major companies such as The New York Times, DKNY and Oscar De La Renta have taken a huge liking to Tumblr and this has really increased the platform’s buzz. According to TechCrunch, Tumblr is now a top 50 site with traffic exceeding six million users and 1.5 billion page views a month. (!) These impressive stats showcase Tumblr’s power in the social media hemisphere.

Pro Tip: If you’re new to Tumblr, it can be a little confusing, but once you have it down it can be as easy as riding a bike (assuming that’s easy for you…) Make sure you add links to each post attributing what you’re posting, which will add value to your followers, and thus add value to your Tumblr site as well. 

Pro tip part deux: Tagging is also a must in order to make your post searchable, which then leads to new followers finding you. Check out to learn more about Tumblr tips and tricks.

You can find our Tumblr here. We try to offer a good mix of fashion-y gorgeousness and relevant news. 

We believe strongly that when applying social media to your business strategy, organic growth is best. Add value and you will have successfully promoted your brand. Paying a company for faux followers is not a sustainable way of acquiring true influence. As long as you build a great social media brand, discuss relevant content, and connect with your followers, you’re on the path to social media success.

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