Weekly News Wrap-up: 11 November 2011

Happy 11-11-11! This week, we explore the editorial/commerce mix, think a lot about the future of mobile,  call out a couple of must read articles, and more…


Conde Nast announced that digital subscriptions are up a whopping 268% since the launch of Apple’s Newsstand. (GigaOM)


Must read: A very important question in this post-journalism world: “As magazines and retail converge, where will the editorial line be drawn?” (Mashable)

….not here. The New York Times explores the trend of high profile defections from print to online. (NYTimes)

We actually asked Ari Goldberg, CEO of Stylecaster, where he drew the line during his talk at the Fashion Forward Digital Conference. (He gave a kind of non-answer.) His talk was great, though, and  is up now. (Fashion’s Collective)

Esquire jumped on the ‘magazines selling to their readers’ bandwagon when they launched Clad, in partnership with JCPenney. (FMM)


Gilt continued their march towards global domination, and announced  that they will start shipping to customers in over 90 new countries… (Mashable)

… but the powerhouse site Vente-Privée is on it’s way to Gilt’s home turf with the launch of Vente-Privée USA. (WWD)


Must read: Jolie O’Dell lays out a thought-provoking case that stand-alone mobile apps are on their way to becoming a thing of the past. (VentureBeat)

In a similar vein, Luxury Daily explored benchmarking in mobile selling. (Luxury Daily)


We can’t stop thinking about short videos and their role in selling online. This post from Shopify gives 5 reasons why you should be thinking about it, too. (Shopify)


American Express established a $100m fund to invest solely in digital commerce startups (a good move to ‘future-proof’ their business). (GigaOM)

And powerhouse luxury consortium PPR invested $10m in ‘The Fancy’ an image sharing site similar to Pinterest, with a commerce bent. (NYMag)


Speaking of luxury, Mashable outlined some inspiringly high-tech ways that luxury can lead the digital revolution. (Mashable)


The International Herald Tribune held their ‘HOT Luxury’ conference in São Paulo this week. Tons was written about the event, but the real fun was following the event on Twitter. ( #hotlux)


The Home Shopping Network won the ACE Award for Best E-Tailer. (FASHIONetc)

By the way, it’s not just ‘the kids’ buying online. Boomers are the biggest spenders. (MediaPost)


And finally, the fashion world was buzzing (*ahem*) this week when Google launched Google+ pages for business. To no one’s surprise, Burberry was the first luxury brand on the new platform. (FaL, Burberry’s G+)


Our database, launching in winter of 2012, continues to grow. Here’s a few sites that we added this week:

Wondermode, a turnkey option for high-end fashion designers to sell directly to consumers. (Wondermode)
Not Just a Label, a similar service for contemporary designers. (Not Just a Label)
Boticca, a similar service for jewelry and fashion accessory designers. (Boticca)

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