Startup Seven: Stylitics’ New Path to Market Research

Startup Seven: Stylitics’ New Path to Market Research

You’ve seen “Clueless,” right? (If you haven’t then please give yourself a comedy time-out and watch it.) In the  infamous opening scene , we see “Cher,” played by Alicia Silverstone, go through her virtual closet and dress herself in her “cutest little outfits.” Back in the 90’s, that all seemed so far- off, expensive, and unrealistic.

Thanks to new advances in technology, we’re coming even closer to having that virtual tool without being a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills.

Today we look at Stylitics: a new virtual style closet where you can track your entire wardrobe, upload images, and document where and when you’ve worn it, all under one roof. It doesn’t have the touch-screen functionalities of Ms. Cher’s dream machine, but it’s the same concept and it ultimately keeps consumers organized.

It’s not just consumers that benefit, either. Stylitics is essentially an analytics & operations company that provides market research for big name brands, such as Lucky Brand, and Gilt Groupe.

We met with co-founder- Zach Davis over coffee at a bustling midtown cafe to discuss his new endeavor in the fashion 2.0 world. Here’s what he had to say…

TWF: Tell us about your company.

ZD: Stylitics is a site for anyone who wants to manage their style and connect with their favorite brands.  At our site, members check-in outfits, can view their own style history, costs of items they purchased, and soon will receive recommendations, be able to consult with stylists on their closet, and more.  Additionally, we connect our members with brands, and help brands understand their customers better.

On the client side, we have built a first-of-its kind dashboard for brands and retailers to view consumer behavior, in real-time. What we heard a lot when we were doing research for our business, is that data that the they currently receive is hard to understand and hard to retrieve.  So we figured that had to be a better way. There are a lot of great consumer apps out there, but no one has really been focusing on this particular set of information.

TWF: If you can describe your company in 5 words, what would they be?

ZD: Actually, we have 5 brand attributes:






TWF: Tell us about your team.

ZD: We’re about 12 people as of right now; mostly consisting of our product team (development and technology) and then, of course, the marketing & social media team.

TWF: What is unique about your company?

ZD: Well, we’re the only company that’s doing what we’re doing, and we’re focused on delivering better information, both for consumers and brands.   We’re not another social app that’s trying to get a million users.  We’re dedicated to delivering a product that is easy and fun to use, but that also delivers a rich experience for the user.  We would rather have a smaller number of highly active users rather than a large quantity of less active users.  Another unique quality is the consumer’s ability to connect with brands. They can message the brand personally and ask for style recommendations. It’s a two-way platform and Stylitics is just as important of a tool to the consumer, as it is to the brand or retailer.

TWF: What’re your future plans?

ZD:  Immediately, we’re implementing a rewards program for January and February, concluding on Valentine’s Day.  It’s called “Your Style. Smarter. 2012”.   We’re giving away custom dresses, scarfs, artwork, even a couple Marc Jacobs handbags!  All a user needs to do to be eligible is add a few items to their wardrobe on our site.  It’s easy and a multiple benefit for users.

Additionally, we have many new features planned for the next several months and are constantly thinking ahead. I can’t reveal too much, unfortunately, but I can say that we will are developing some very cool mobile and web apps.

TWF: Tell us about the market you’ve been trying to target and the response you’ve gotten so far.

ZD: Our general demographic ranges from 18-45, although about 80% percent are 18-30 due to a large student demographic – both undergrad and graduate school.  Specifically we have student Ambassadors on over 40 campuses. Also, we currently have a high percentage of women; averaging in at about 80%!

Overall, the response has been great- wonderful, actually. Most people are pretty surprised that we’re where we are as of right now, since we’re still in a private beta. We’ll be open to the public before long though.

TWF: What things inspire you the most- whether in business or in life?

ZD: That’s a good question. I suppose a generic answer would be that I get inspired by watching or reading interviews and bios, but I do. I love personal stories, whether it’s from professional athletes, writers, or musicians. Real-life stories hit an emotional nerve with me and that resonates in everything I do.

While sipping on lattes, geeking out over his scarf and discussing our shared love of Brooklyn, we found out that Davis is the former Co-Founder of ATG Music Management and an amateur musician. It’s evident that he’ll be a lifelong entrepreneur, and we’re excited to watch the growth of Stylitics.

Now’s a great time to test out Stylitics – don’t forget you could win that that Marc Jacobs bag. A happy holiday indeed!

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