This meetup is going to be off the hook.

This meetup is going to be off the hook.

Seriously, you guys – be there if you can! For our inaugural Third Wave Fashion meet-up, we’ve partnered with Open Source Fashion and a whole host of other fabulous businesses. The event is being hosted by General Assembly here in NYC, and will include a casual panel and drinks – plus all of the networking that you can possibly handle. It’s next Wednesday, January 18th, and it’s just $10. Sign up here – and be sure to come say hi to the NYC part of the Third Wave Fashion team that night.

Here’s a list of the other amazing companies participating: Would You Rock This?, Nolcha Fashion Week, Lion’esque Media, StartUp Fashion, Global Purchasing Group, NYC Seed, The Emerging Designer and Fashion Center.

See you next week!

Come say hi to us! It’s Cyndi; Jess; and me, Liza: 

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