The Online Shopping Guide for Valentine’s Day

The Online Shopping Guide for Valentine’s Day

Ok, ladies and gents… The clock is ticking and if you’re anything like us last-minute Lucy’s, then chances you still haven’t searched for your boyfriend/girlfriend/”person I’m kind of dating” ‘s Valentine’s Day gift.

No need to fret. Thanks to the internet and overnight shipping, you can still find the perfect gift for your honey without even leaving your home. Here’s our picks for the best sites to shop for your babe:


If she’s sexy and flirty: Bauble Bar (accessories)

If she’s fearless and bold: Not Just A Label (shop emerging pioneering designers)

If she’s thrifty, but loves designers: Covet Shop (consignment shopping)

If you still don’t know her too well: R29 Reserve (shop curated items specifically dedicated for VDay)

If she’s the devoted fashionista: Net-a-Porter (the mother of women’s online shops)


If he’s always in a suit: Proper Suit (bespoke suit making)

If he needs a little help dressing himself: The Trunk Club (stylist hand pick his threads)

If he likes cutting-edge designers: The Corner (designer haven, exquisite items)

If he loves Jack Threads (member prices, stylish goods)

If he’s a stud, and can do no wrong: Mr. Porter (the daddy of men’s online shops)


The Cools: It’s just cool. Sign up.

Aha Life: Shop unique items curated by tastemakers

Lookmatic: Shop inexpensive eyewear


Have-to-Have: The universal wish-list site. Have your significant other sign up and go nuts!

BuyoSphere: If you know what he/she wants, but aren’t sure where to find it, look no further than Buyosphere.

Now that we’ve supplied you with enough resources to shop for days, there’s no excuse. What are you waiting for? Go buy your Valentine a gift!

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