• 5 Must-Have Fashion Mobile Apps

    5 Must-Have Fashion Mobile Apps

    The last quarter of 2011 brought more sales via mobile than computers. In a recent Ad Week article, the founders of Gilt Groupe said that on average, 30 percent of their consumers shop through mobile. So it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more, and more, fashion mobile apps emerging–and with good reason. People trust their

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  • SEO: What Is It?

    SEO: What Is It?

    Build a site and they will come. Well… not exactly. A company could have the most glamorous site in the world but no one will ever find it if it has no strategy in place.

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  • The Insurgence of Menswear via Technology

    The Insurgence of Menswear via Technology

    Fifteen years ago, there was no Twitter to help users follow their favorite brands in real time; no Facebook to keep them updated about the latest boutiques. Growing up in Connecticut meant my access to the fashion industry was limited to what the mall was selling;  luckily, we could also turn to the glossies for

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  • TWF Announcement…

    I’m so excited to announce the promotions of two of the most fabulous and hard-working ladies I know: Congrats to Cyndi Ramirez on her new position as Brand and Business Manager of TWF! She’ll be managing client relations and spearheading the production of our meetups–among the thousands of other intricacies involved in developing a business.

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