Event Recap: NYC Pinterest Meetup

Event Recap: NYC Pinterest Meetup

On Tuesday night, I had the chance to attend the first NYC Pinterest meetup at WeWork Labs. The event was moderated by Roger Wu, co-founder of Gift Finder, which is a next generation recommendation engine. The panel included Alex Topiler, Co-Founder of PinLeague; Victoria Song, Head of Biz Dev/Product Marketing at Tracx; Vanessa Rae who is a TV personality on The Today Show/MSNBC.com; and Aparna Mukherjee who contributes to the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNBC and more. Having this meetup shows what a driving force Pinterest is for brands. Is it the number one traffic driver for GE.

Here are some of the top points from the discussion:

Be aspiring, not sales driven.

Pinterest is a very aspirational site. A study showed that when brands used the price tag, engagement went down; when users used it organically to say, “I got this on sale!” there were no adverse affects. Companies (like Kate Spade) show what inspires their collections rather than pinning their own products. The user knows where to buy your items, so don’t use Pinterest as another sales technique.

No negative content.

Alex of PinLeague pointed out that there is less than 1% of negative content on Pinterest. Pinterest is really a place to share your passions and your interests, and inspire others. It is probably one of the better social media sites to be on because of all the positivity.

It can work for brands AND individuals.

Vanessa Rae, who is a TV personality on The Today Show, talked about how Pinterest has helped build her personal brand. She used it organically to share her interests, and found niche markets like veganism. Employers are even now requiring that candidates have Pinterest experience along with Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest is not a fad.

The overall consensus is that Pinterest is not going away anytime soon. It is becoming a trusted referral site by users, with Pinterest users nearly twice as likely to make a purchase than Facebook users.

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