OSFashion Meetup: The Business of Covering Fashion

OSFashion Meetup: The Business of Covering Fashion

What can your brand do to develop content and capitalize on social media?

Emerging fashion designers and fashion-tech entrepreneurs gathered Tuesday night for the Open Source Fashion meetup, “The Business of Covering Fashion,” to hear what industry experts had to say. Moderated by OSFashion’s Pavan Bahl, the panelists included Ryan Kristopher (CEO of Verve Management), Laura Kudia (mobile strategist at Vogue and contributing editor at FMM), and Judy Licht (Founder and Editorial Director of First Comes Fashion). 

The distinct perspective of each panelist gave us great insight into content creation, distribution, and digital marketing for emerging brands.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, we’ve included some great suggestions from the expert panelists:

Repurpose Your Content

Judy, whose company specializes in live fashion content on the web, explained how video is the next frontier in fashion: “I think eventually, all the shows will be on video. It will be very helpful for emerging designers because anyone with a camera and some talent can put together something that’s visually interesting.”

Ryan added onto this by recommending an extension of this content. “Find more ways to build content out of one thing that you’re doing,” Ryan said. “If you’re doing a photo shoot, maybe having someone make a behind-the-scenes video.”

Engage Your Audience

“You can have 3 million Facebook fans and have no one return to your site because there’s no engagement in that space.”

Laura said it best–engagement is key! She further explained how to connect with your fans and Twitter followers: “You want your consumers to come to your website and you want them to be engaged and you want them to discover. Not only your product, but maybe other blogs or a cool music playlist.”

Social Media: Branch Out!

Ryan brought up a good point that it’s not always the best idea to simply promote your brand on social media. “Instead of always focusing on your own company, try to share something that’s maybe similar to your company or maybe just sharing an inspirational story.”

Laura jumped in with a good recommendation. “Have a dialogue with people who are relevant to your brand; they can serve as brand ambassadors,” she said.

Create a Brand Personality

Ryan mentioned bringing your brand “from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional” through building out its personality before you create content. “You want to make it a living, breathing person. It has likes and dislikes, it has interests,” Ryan said. “That’s going to give you an idea of the content you want to share.”

Laura included that a strong brand personality also helps with pitches. “If you say, ‘We’ve done X, Y, and Z and this is what our brand is about,’ that’s great. But I want to get to know you and so does your audience.”

Ryan summed it up best when he said, “As a creative brand, you have an advantage because there’s so much more you can do online as far as developing content and connecting with people.”

The sky’s the limit, so get out there and start connecting!

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