Announcing: Demo Days with Third Wave Fashion!

Announcing: Demo Days with Third Wave Fashion!

We are excited to announce: our first ever Demo Day!

We’re offering the chance for startup entrepreneurs to demo their companies to us.

The truth is: we love you, and we want to hear about your brilliant ideas.

The problem is: we can’t always dedicate an hour for a meeting with every single startup that we want so badly to meet.

Enter: Demo Day!

The first one is going to be Tuesday, July 31, from 9AM-2PM.

You’ll get 30 minutes to tell us all about your startup, and get some valuable quick feedback. We’ll add you to our database, have a better understanding of your business, and keep that info at the top of our brains when working with investors and with brands on future partnerships and collaborations.

If you’d like to block off a half hour on Demo Day (between 9AM & 2PM), simply email info (at) thirdwavefashion (dot) com.

We look forward to hearing all about your kickass startup!



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