Founder Flashback: Wiseling Focuses on Initial Inspiration

Founder Flashback: Wiseling Focuses on Initial Inspiration

Introducing: TWF’s Founder Flashbacks!

The Founder Flashback series will be a regular feature where we ask founders of fashion tech startups to flash back to the moment when they received that one game-changing piece of advice along their entrepreneurial journeys.

To kick this off, we asked our dear friend Chelsey Bingham, Founder and Creative Director at Wiseling, for her thoughts.

Wiseling is a marketplace for discovering vintage and pre-owned fashion. In Chelsea’s own words, “Wiseling is about change. A simple change of clothes or a greater change. It’s a transformation of position, direction, principle, or attitude.” Beautiful, right?

And if you live in NYC and always find yourself too short on time to worry about going through the process of consigning your clothes, no worries. Wiseling just launched a new service called Closet Concierge, where they will actually come pick up your pieces, photograph and list them in their online marketplace, then send you a check when the items sell. Seriously!

So Chels–what is one piece of advice you were given along the way that changed everything for you?

“The best piece of advice I’ve received was to always revisit the idea and the passion that sparked Wiseling. Starting a new venture, it can be really easy to get bogged down by an endless to-do list. Taking time every day to reflect on the primary motivation that started it all renews the fire and energy. I try to find a few moments to appreciate all of the incredible effort my team and I have poured into a mere idea to create our business. It always inspires me to come up with new solutions and keep improving.

‘A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.'”

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Featured image by TWF’s Graphic Design & Visual Media Intern, Paige Hogan.