NYC Pinterest Meetup #2 Recap

NYC Pinterest Meetup #2 Recap

On Monday night, New York Pinterest Meetup held their second event at WeWork Labs. The focus for this event was how Pinterest was being used in the fashion/beauty space. It was a star-studded panel with Melissa of Lion’esque Style; Jinna Yang from Grease and Glamour; Yvahn Martin of DJPremium, the sister company of; Karen Moon of Muse Media; Bazaart, a new Pinterest iPad app; ShopToko; Jennifer Talley, Digital Development Editor of Teen Vogue; and Diana Denza, Social Media and Communications Specialist at Erno Laszlo.

Girls love braids, nail art, and macaroons.

This was the quote of the night from Jenn Talley of Teen Vogue. She was discussing tailoring your content to your audience. Once Teen Vogue realized that their fans enjoyed repinning those types of photos, they created specific boards dedicated to just those topics.

DJPremium and Lion’esque tied in products they sell on their site along with inspirational photos. There needs to be a mix. It can’t constantly be “sell, sell, sell.” ShopToko–a B2B beauty commerce site–uses pin boards to show retailers how to merchandise their stores with their products.

Erno Laszlo, which is an 85-year-old company, is using social media to introduce the brand to a younger audience. They have collaborated with bloggers like Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This! to contribute to pin boards that are within the brand’s persona.

Where are the analytics?

One of the frustrations for those who manage social media for brands is the lack of in-depth analytics on Pinterest. You can track repins, likes, and followers; however, much of it is still your own doing–rather than analytic reporting.

Jenn Talley of Teen Vogue mentioned that developers from Pinterest had met with some of the Conde Nast staff to get their feedback. While they are working on this, it may be awhile. For now, they can track the amount of views through Google Analytics and try new startups like Pinerly.

An audience member also added that she breaks down each board to her clients because most users don’t follow all the boards–so it’s a better way to illustrate the engagement.

Where is Pinterest headed?

Karen pointed out Uniqlo’s innovative initiative using Pinterest called the Dry Mesh Project, where Uniqlo created 100 separate accounts that pinned images simultaneously. As users scrolled down, they came across all the images, which combined to create giant mosaics that “animated” when scrolled through.

Jenn thinks there will be more collaborations. She pointed out that Teen Vogue has a enormous following on Twitter and Facebook; however, their Pinterest account could use a boost. A great way to do that was to team up with ModCloth, who has a large and dedicated following. This is a way for brands to leverage each other for mutually beneficial purposes.

The founders of Bazaart also created Pinvolve which is a Facebook app that is easily added to a user’s page and allows her to manage her Facebook and Pinterest presence. It looks beautiful and would surely help out a lot of social media strategists! Roger Wu (who is this meetup’s organizer) also presented GiftPinner which can allow you to gift a pin to your friends.

There are going to be more and more layers of how apps and brands will utilize the power of Pinterest. This is just the tip of the iceberg…

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Featured image by TWF’s graphic design intern, Paige Hogan.