Content + Commerce: Part One

Content + Commerce: Part One

Fashion magazines and shopping have always gone hand-in-hand. Throw the internet into the mix, and you can get your style news and trends in one place while shopping with the click of a button.

Welcome to the era of content and commerce. They’re more intertwined than ever, as fashion magazines get into the commerce game and e-commerce sites introduce editorial content. It certainly isn’t the end of magazines; it’s a new beginning.

Here are seven examples of both print and online magazines that have e-commerce features:

1. Elle Magazine

Elle launched a shoppable trend guide on its Facebook fan page in April. The “Trend Report” section on its Facebook page features an editorial on the trends for the season. Scroll down the page, and there’s a list of items you can buy to achieve the look. Users can click “love,” “want,” “own” to share with their friends, or they can click “buy” to purchase the item on the retailer’s site. According to Mashable, this is just the first step of Elle’s e-commerce initiative.

2. Lucky Magazine

Lucky recently announced its next venture in commerce with myLucky shops, a partnership with American Express. With myLucky, readers can shop selections from Lucky editors directly on the site. They also can shop myLucky versions of sites like Macy’s, with curated picks from Lucky. The site will launch August 17th.

3. Haper’s Bazaar

With a title including the word Bazaar (which means marketplace), it makes sense that Harper’s Bazaar is entering the commerce space. Its online store,, will launch in Fall 2012 and according to the landing page, “America’s first fashion magazine will be America’s premier shopping destination, bringing the best from our pages into your closet.”

4. Because Magazine

Because is a London-based digital magazine with curated click-to-buy editorials of the best fashion, beauty, and music items online. Launched in September 2009 by the team at Tank, Because is one of the first publications to integrate retail from the start.

5. Lifestyle Mirror

Lifestyle Mirror launched in February with the tagline “Instantly Shoppable.” Emanuele Della Valle (son of Tod’s president and CEO Diego Della Valle) and photographer Francesco Carrozzini started the shoppable online fashion magazine to integrate shopping into the magazine experience. Its editorials have links embedded so that you can shop the spread instead of reading the tiny captions found in print mags.

6. R29 Shops

Online “blogazine” Refinery29 launched their e-commerce venture, R29 Shops, in June. The site has two features: you can either purchase featured items directly through R29 or buy discount vouchers for third-party e-commerce sites they feature.

7. WhoWhatWear’s The Closet

While reading the daily blog WhoWhatWear, we noticed a “Shop” tab on its home page. The link brings you to a page announcing a new feature called “The Closet.” No word yet on how it will function, but we can’t wait to see how WhoWhatWear integrates commerce.

Allison Mariotti was an Editorial & Research Intern at TWF.

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Featured image via Paige Hogan, TWF’s Graphic Design & Visual Media Intern.