Poshmark Introduces Showrooms

Poshmark Introduces Showrooms

Social shopping marketplace app Poshmark just announced their new feature–Showrooms–and we can’t wait to try it out.

If you didn’t already know, Poshmark is an app where you can shop other Poshmark users’ closets; they also have shopping events called “Posh Parties.” Each Posh Party has a theme, which is either a trend, like “Chevron & Stripes,” or a specific designer. You can follow your favorite users and list your own items to make some cash–for more shopping, of course!

The new Showrooms feature makes shopping these Posh Parties even easier. Instead of having to search through all the listings, the Showrooms are curated by the host into Host Picks, What’s New, and Designer picks.

Poshmark also announced style blogger partnerships to host the Posh Parties and curate the showrooms, starting with Ahn Sundstrom from 9to5Chic. As CEO of Poshmark, Manish Chandra (whom we LOVE) says, “Posh Parties represent the next frontier for real-time commerce”–and we couldn’t agree more.

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Featured image via Poshmark.