Watch-Out Wednesday: Best Fashion Friend (BFF)

Watch-Out Wednesday: Best Fashion Friend (BFF)

Style. Ask. Wear.

Are you someone who mass texts all of your friends your different outfit options when you can’t decide what to wear? Or maybe you’re that person who just wants extra opinions when debating a shoe purchase.

Check out the latest smart phone app Best Fashion Friend. BFF allows users to create looks using items they want or already have in their wardrobes. Members can then share their looks with their BFFs to receive real-time advice. Users can take pictures directly from the app and save them either in their “Closet” or as a “Find,”  which is an item you love but just don’t own–yet!

Want to avoid trying on all of your clothes and instead be able to put an outfit from your own closet together virtually? Upload images of your clothes and scroll through the different categories of items to create a collage of your look; keep it to yourself, or share with your BFF’s for their opinions. They can even re-style your look with other pieces they suggest instead.

Your BFF’s can be your friends you see everyday, or other fashionistas around the world you meet through the app–either way, you know they love fashion and are going to be there for you. Users decide exactly who they share with–it can be one BFF or just the friends you’re going out with that night!

We met Best Fashion Friend’s founder, Ricardo Cuervo, at our inaugural Demo Day. We caught up with Cuervo to learn a little bit more about the background of BFF.

TWF: What inspired you to start Best Fashion Friend?

BFF: While shopping with my wife, she would try different things on and then ask me questions–and I would be clueless! Driven by frustration about my lack of help, she would just buy the items. This would often result in her returning the pieces once she managed to get opinions from the people that truly knew her style: her best fashion friends.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

BFF: Everyone in the industry that we introduce BFF to, loves the app and loves the concept. Perhaps my favorite part is what usually happens next in such situations: people like it so much that they start giving us great ideas and suggestions! Everyone has a best fashion friend and we seem to trigger thoughts on how to best interact with them. Given that we are still a small startup, the hardest part for us is to evaluate so many ideas and decide on which ones we should prioritize for development.

I should also add that we are very grateful and appreciative when we get unsolicited emails from our users that say things such as, “This is the best app ever! ” It makes us realize that we are doing something good, and that there is a community of Best Fashion Friends that is enjoying the platform, and is really using it.

TWF: What value does Best Fashion Friend have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

BFF: Three things. First, its simplicity connecting with friends to share fashion. People are used to taking a picture and messaging it, but the conversation becomes too plain and “vanilla:” “Do you like it?”… “No, get a black one”… “Which one?”… you get the idea. With BFF, you don’t have to say it with words. You style and share the look. Your friends can re-style it and send the visual back to you. Second, the privacy. You are in control of who you share it with. Want the look to be public? Share it on Facebook! Planning a night out with your four best friends? Share it only with them. Deciding on a bridesmaid dress? Share it only with your bridesmaids. Lastly, the brand itself. We are building BFF Best Fashion Friend to inspire trust and better friendships.

TWF: When we spoke with you at our Demo Day, you said you had a lot of international users–why do you think that is? How has that benefitted the company?

BFF: Undoubtedly, the concept of being fashionable knows no borders–whether geographical or cultural. We have been downloaded by fashionistas in 82 countries!! Not even in our wildest projections did we think that this would be so globally viral.

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Featured image via Best Fashion Friend.