Watch-Out Wednesday: Bib + Tuck

Watch-Out Wednesday: Bib + Tuck

Started by best friends Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz (who share not only a name but also a “closeness of closets,” as they say), Bib + Tuck is an online community bringing together the hippest people to trade fashion items. Bib + Tuck was born when Sari and Sari discovered the best way to survive small budgets and small spaces was to share each other’s closets. They realized that there are probably other fashion-forward girls out there facing the same issue.

The invite-only community allows members to create personal profiles and follow other stylish citizens. When you have an item that no longer fits your style or perhaps is an impulse purchase you’re re-thinking, you can “BIB” it–aka put it up for sale by taking a stylish photo and posting it on your profile. See something you want to add to your closet? You can “TUCK” it–aka “purchase” it using “bucks,” a virtual currency. You get bucks when you sell an item, invite friends, or purchase them.

Where did the name “Bib + Tuck” come from? It was originally an old custom of the English aristocracy where women were told to wear their “best bib and tucker”–meaning to wear their finest outfits. For the site, “bib” means to sell and “tuck” means to take.

The Sari’s believe that your “too tights” are another’s “just rights.” As constant clothes-sharers here at Third Wave Fashion, we believe the same thing. We caught up with Sari A and Sari B to get a deeper look into their awesome site.

Sari A & Sari B

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

B+T: The biggest challenge, shared by most community marketplaces, is creating market liquidity. We’re also trying to change the way women think about fashion and get them to realize that the best clothes are not in stores–they are sitting in our closets. The only bad part of shopping is spending, and Bib + Tuck is shopping without spending, so why not bib and tuck? We’re totally convinced–the challenge is convincing the rest of the world!

Our favorite part has been working together. We both genuinely care about each other and are bordering on obsessed with what we could enable fashion to look like in a few years.

TFW: Where would you like to see the company in five or even 10 years?

B+T: Our true vision is disrupting fashion worldwide. We think that once people are given the chance to pass on the clothes they already have instead of throwing them away, they will start to buy pieces that are higher quality. And that in itself can be a catalyst for change in the way we shop.

In five years, we want the word ‘tuck’ to be in the dictionary, defined as an alternative way to consume fashion. We want to be walking down the streets and hear someone ask, ‘Where’d you get that?!” and hear someone reply, “Oh, I tucked that!”

Over the past 20 years, the world has been wired to share, with rising marketplaces that allow for exchanges between producer and consumer, seller and buyer, lender and borrower, and neighbor and neighbor. As Neil Gorenflo of Shareable magazine said, “Opportunities thought impractical because of perceived trust barriers are now fair game.”  This trust frontier has yet to revolutionize fashion. Through strong branding, we think Bib + Tuck has the potential to do this.

TWF: What value does Bib and Tuck have that makes it stand out against other fashion- tech companies?

B+T: Many before us have caught on to the market need for clothes swapping, but none have managed to promote themselves in a way that actually changes the way consumers think about fashion and appeals to the truly stylish. Unlike other sites, we present a moneyless alternative, exclusivity, alluring images, and a sleek and extremely user-friendly experience. We think of Bib + Tuck as a lifestyle, a philosophy, and an aesthetic.

What else differentiates us?
-We are two girls running the show, trying to solve our own issue of overspending on fashion. We are surprised by how many fashion startups are run by Silicon Valley guys who are so removed from the emotions that come with shopping.
-We are moneyless! There’s also a lot of peer to peer marketplaces out there (threadflip, copious, etc…) that are all about buying and selling. But by using a virtual currency called bucks, you can refresh your closet without spending money. It’s just a little give and take. The moneyless experience gets us back to what we originally loved about shopping: expression, creativity, and fun.
-At Bib + Tuck, it’s not about the labels on the clothes we wear, but about how we wear them. A lot of fashion startups separate fashion into two extremes – designer and fast fashion. At Bib + Tuck, Chloe lives very happily alongside Zara, just like in a real closet.

Their Manifesto:

We are so obsessed with Bib + Tuck. Besides being beyond cheeky, they’re smart, sweet, and stunning–and you know we love that.

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All images via Bib + Tuck.