Watch-Out Wednesday: Wisemarkit

Watch-Out Wednesday: Wisemarkit

Created by Oliver Ripley and Farris Salah, Wisemarkit is an online platform where members can curate their own online boutiques with products from stores and designers they love. The best part: if a user’s recommendation drives sales to the third party vendor, they receive a cut of the revenue.

Members can create their stores using products from Amazon and Shopsense, both of which carry a large assortment from numerous brands. What makes Wisemarkit stand out is that the user is only a curator–not a seller–but is still able to make a profit without having to actually own the product.

Wisemarkit only allows 10 items, or “Wisemarks,” to show up in your main store at a time; however you can keep older items in your stockroom, allowing the store to remain fresh and up-to-date. Successful store owners are rewarded, not only in revenue, but also by unlocking levels and being able to expand their stores and sell more product.

Upon entering a store, the layout is similar to a Pinterest/Etsy design. Users can then browse various stores they follow, discovering different products. When they decide to make a purchase, it redirects them to the actual product on either Amazon or Shopsense.

In a recent Mashable article, co-founder Farris Salah expressed what he sees for the future of Wisemarkit: “In turn, what Wisemarkit aims to become is a mega catalog of products, which has the best demographic filters and search, enabling users to find the right product for them faster and in one place…. Our aim is to become the best e-commerce search engine, both in speed and trust.”

We say Wisemarkit is a fun, interactive new take on social shopping! Check them out on Twitter.

Hilliary Latham is an Editorial & Client Relations Intern at TWF.

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Featured image via Wisemarkit.