Weekly Fashion Tech News Roundup

Weekly Fashion Tech News Roundup

Got busy and missed everything this week? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with our news roundup:

Startup News

“BeauCoo is a new platform designed to connect women of similar body types to share style and store information, earn real-world rewards and to improve their overall shopping experience”… and they just raised $1.1 million dollars to help them out! [Techvibes]

Want to sell items directly from your Pinterest board? Soon you can–ShopInterest, a startup that let’s you do just that, got “a small, undisclosed investment” from 500 Startups. [TechCrunch]

Amazon launched a site called Vine that sells a wide variety of items–all of which are environmentally friendly. [NYT Bits Blog]


The Big Guys

Fab launched “Fab Europe” out of Berlin earlier this week. [TechCrunch]

Aldo is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an Instagram/Twitter/personal website campaign. Smart digital move, guys! [Fashionably Marketing Me]

Aw, man! H&M announced that it’s delaying the launch of its US e-commerce site–til mid-2013. Geez. [Fashionista]

Gucci launched a Facebook contest called “Cut & Craft,” in which brand fans can give their own style spin to paper cutouts of one of three iconic Gucci handbags. [FASHIONOTES]

Ferragamo takes a digital step forward by finally linking to its optimized site through its NYT mobile ads. [Luxury Daily]

Aritzia is (finally) launching a fashion e-commerce site in mid-October. [The Globe and Mail]


Say Whaaa?

Justin Timberlake’s bringin’ it back one more time–MySpace, that is. “He’s one of the investors in the new MySpace, which aims to be like the old MySpace, except relevant.” We loled a little bit at that one. [Racked]


Fun News

Mayor Bloomberg deemed the week of September 24-30 “Maker Week,” in honor of the third annual World Maker Faire which happens on September 29 & 30 in Queens. [Marketwire]

How much more technologically awesome can this get? Here’s a 3-D printed iPhone 5 case! [Shapeways]

Man oh man, we love fashion + video. So, thank you, Vena Cava, for making a movie! They just released the trailer for their first-ever film–and it’s a horror movie. [Fashionologie]


We Could Have Told You That

“During Fashion Week, ‘tech’ is the hot new style”–heck yes, it is. A great, comprehensive read about fashion + technology. [Venture Beat]

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