Pop-Ups Monday: The Shopping Edition

Pop-Ups Monday: The Shopping Edition

It’s all about shopping this September, but not in the traditional sense. Nowadays, some of the best shopping is done on your iPhones, iPads, and laptops. The following three apps are the best ways to get your shopping done as you go about your busy lives. September can be a hectic month, but with shopping apps like these, you can get your autumn accessories on the go!

Discover, explore, and enjoy.

1. ShopMox

Designed exclusively for tablets, this app creates a personalized boutique daily, just for you. The “on sale today” tab and the “new this week” tab ensure that you never fall behind on new items or sales, no matter how busy you get. The chic layout of the app is easy and fun to use. ShopMox is all of your favorite stores in one fabulous app–turning your iPad into the ideal shopping mall.

2. ShopKick

The purpose of ShopKick is simple–to improve your shopping experience. This app is no traditional rewards program. Instead of having the hassle of paperwork, cards, and rules, with ShopKick the shopper can rack up “kicks” by simply walking into their favorite stores with their iPhones or Androids! Earn even more “kicks” by making purchases at certain retail locations. As your points add up, use them for free Starbucks, or even a pair of designer jeans! The app launched in August 2010 and is now one of the five most widely used shopping apps. Find out for yourself with the free and easy download!

3. Shopilly

How many promotional emails a day do you get–five, ten, fifteen? “There’s never been an easier or more fun and useful way of staying informed about your favorite brands, stores, sales, and purchases.” When it comes to online shopping, staying organized is key. By using your Shopilly email ID in stores and online, you can keep all of your transactions in one place–and clutter free! Tabs on the left include your Visual Inbox, your purchases, and your wish list. Say goodbye to a million book-marked sites and email receipt confirmations. Shopilly makes your shopping life more fun, and much more organized. Gotta love that!

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