Watch-Out Wednesday: Modavanti

Watch-Out Wednesday: Modavanti

Italian for “Fashion Forward,” Modavanti is just that.

Launching this month, Modavanti is an online retailer for high-end sustainable fashion. They believe that what you wear represents who you are and can help make a difference in the world. Modavanti doesn’t want consumers to sacrifice their style or their values. All of the clothing and accessories featured on Modavanti is eco-friendly and ethically-sourced.

Besides being an online retailer, Modavanti has established a community where users can create interactive closets to share their finds with other users. Each week they feature a designer, sharing their story and showcasing their collection. This gives consumers a more personal look into the inspiration behind an eco-friendly line.

Also follow the Modavanti Blog to read up on sustainable fashion news and views!

We met co-founder Ariel Azoff at our most recent Demo Day and we instantly loved finding trendy clothes that could help make a difference. We asked her to share more behind the inspiration and start-up process of Modavanti.

TWF: What inspired you to start Modavanti?

M: My partner David and I came to this from the place of wanting to create a business with a social impact. We saw how much the fashion industry affects not only us as consumers, but the millions of people around the world who work in the garment industry, and we saw huge opportunity for change. If we can affect the way consumers think about their clothes, that will inspire more designers and brands to manufacture sustainably and everyone involved benefits.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

M: The hardest thing has been the uncertainty, but that is also exciting. We are building this thing and validating as much as we can, but in the end we don’t know until we launch what will happen. My favorite part has been meeting, interviewing, and working with sustainable fashion designers. They are inspiring and creative people using their talents to change the world of fashion.

TWF: What value does Modavanti have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

M: Modavanti’s main differentiator is its commitment to all types of sustainable fashion, from organic and eco-conscious materials to recycled and repurposed styles and garments ethically sourced from abroad. Our business is committed to presenting these things in a very fashion forward way, with highly curated collections and innovative social shopping features to allow consumers to discover new brands. We recognize that our brands are not household names (yet!) so we are concentrating on creating a user experience for discovery. We also have some exciting tech features in the works for down the road!

TWF: What do you wanted customers to know about sustainable fashion? How did you get so involved within that industry?

M: My interest in sustainable fashion started when I began researching the fashion industry and the growth in online apparel sales. I had my doubts about selling fashion, but soon discovered all these brands that were producing mindfully and not compromising on style, and became very interested in their work. I started blogging about sustainable fashion last November as a way to document my own learning experience and found that there were other people who found it interesting as well. I love discovering crazy materials like silk made from sour milk and fish leather. The biggest message we’re trying to get across with Modavanti, though, is that sustainable fashion is exactly that: FASHION. There’s this stigma that “eco” fashion does not look good or only comes in green and brown. That really isn’t true, and our job is to show consumers this beautiful work and create a place where they can buy it.

So obsessed! Make sure to check these guys out–you’ll be so glad you did.

Hilliary Latham was an Editorial & Client Relations Intern at TWF.

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