Fashion Tech Startups Quiz

Fashion Tech Startups Quiz

Fashion Tech Startups Quiz: Shopper’s Edition

Happy Thursday and welcome to the next installment of our Fashion Tech Startups Quiz! Take a second to discover the startup that best suits your shopping style. Simply answer the following questions, and at the end of the quiz you can learn about the site we recommend to you. Then click on the link, and start shopping – it couldn’t be easier!

1. I am shopping for:

a) A Woman

b) A Man

c) Both


2. My wardrobe is lacking:

a) Jewelry

b) Dress Shirts

c) Anything and everything


3. The sale type I prefer is:

a) Steady, consistent bargains

b) Doesn’t matter as long as it’s good quality

c) Flash sales


4. My products should:

a) Surprise me

b) Be custom-made

c) Be designer


5. You can always find me wearing:

a) Shiny accessories

b) A classy button-down

c) Designer anything


6. Designers I love include:

a) Ted Rossi, Samantha Wills, CC Skye

b) Designer? I want to be the designer!

c) Panache, Steve Madden, Christian Louboutin


7. I prefer to:

a) Not have to worry about online shopping

b) Design products for myself online

c) Spend hours looking for deals


If you answered:

 Mostly As:

You are in desperate need of a subscription to RoxBox. Receive up to three different jewelry products delieverd to your doorstep and decide what you love, or simply return them.

 Mostly Bs:

Hopefully if you answered mostly Bs you’re a guy in need of some nice dress shirts. You can design your dream button-down at ProperCloth.

 Mostly Cs:

You should love flash sales and online shopping. If so, RetailFetish is a combination of countless other sites, eliminating the flood of emails you get.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Check back next week for another quiz and you could discover the fashion-tech site of your dreams!

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