Fashion Tech Startups Quiz

Fashion Tech Startups Quiz

Happy Tuesday and welcome to our first Fashion Tech Startups Quiz!

We are introducing a fun, new way to discover startups that are suited precisely to your current needs. Simply answer the following questions; then, at the end of the quiz, we’ll tell you the site that would best fit what you’re looking for you. Click on the link, and start shopping–it couldn’t be easier!


1.  I am looking:

a) To improve my complexion

b) To stock up on some necessities

c) For a fun, new way to shop for everything


2.  I would kill for the following brands:

a) Burberry Beauty, Sebastian Professional, Marvis

b) Berkshire, Calvin Klein, DKNY

c) American Apparel, French Connection, TFNC


3.  I still haven’t found:

a) The perfect foundation

b) A pair of non-see-through leggings

c) A little black dress


4.  I need products for:

a) My face and hair

b) My waist down

c) My whole wardrobe


5.  I am the kind of shopper:

a) Who needs to try a bunch of products before I settle

b) Who is too busy to research the best brands

c) Who likes to have a million different options


6.  I would love to get a package:

a) Every month, but not know exactly what is in it

b) Of tights or leggings that I know won’t rip or tear

c) Of anything as long as it’s trendy, unique, and what I ordered


7.  If I were going to spend money on one product, it would be in this category:

a) Beauty

b) Legwear

c) One product!?


If you answered:

Mostly As: You are in desperate need of a subscription to GlossyBox. Discover the world of beauty and receive cosmetic and perfume samples from top makeup brands each month.

Mostly Bs: You can find a reliable pair of tights or leggings at Hoseanna. Find your staple legwear pieces on this easy, reliable site and have them shipped exactly when you need them.

Mostly Cs: You’ll have fun searching for just about anything at Asos. From clothing to accessories, Asos has it all! Whether you are looking for something in particular or just want to browse, this online store never fails.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Check back next Tuesday for another quiz and you could discover the fashion tech site of your dreams!

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Featured image via Crumpets.