October Pop-Ups!

October Pop-Ups!

We have been trying to find a new day of the week for our Pop-Ups post. With way too much online shopping going on during the work week, we thought it best to have it at the end of the week – that way you have the whole weekend to explore the new sites! With October finally upon us, it’s really time to find your fall favorites. Discover, explore, and enjoy.

1. Style Says
This online community of stylists, bloggers, brands, and shoppers offers a stress-free, relaxed place to peruse the best styles and trendiest clothes. Top clothing and affordable outfits are the main focus of Style Says. The site captures outfit inspirations while introducing members to new styles and trends. The Top and New pages allow users to find the styles they prefer and then follow those stores, people, and blogs. The internet can be overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to fashion. Style Says makes it easy – and fun!

2. Keaton Row
For all you busy business-professional ladies – this site is for you! Keaton Row pairs the “time-starved woman with a personal Stylist she knows and trusts.” With styles from hundreds of fabulous brands, the professional stylists are able to match items that fit and meet your needs. The site also offers a Stylist Spotlight and suggests Trends to Try. It’s never been easier to get a personal stylists and the complimentary styling session is definitely worth a try. As an added bonus, Keaton Row just added photos from 2013 Paris Fashion Week – jealous!

3. Because London
Gone are the days of waiting for the mailman to deliver your coveted fashion magazines. Because London is a digital fashion magazine that makes browsing and buying a breeze! Accessories, beauty products, jewelry, and culture posts populate the site. There are daily videos featuring stylish wardrobes and tips like how to wear red lipstick. Tutorials, interviews, and daily fashion news is what Because London is all about – and for all you American fashionistas, it’s nice to get a European perspective!

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Featured image via Bows & Sequins.