Watch-Out Wednesday: Jetworthy

Watch-Out Wednesday: Jetworthy

After feeling guilty about buying expensive jewelry, only to get bored of it months later, Fatima Khan came up with the idea for Jetworthy; an online borrowing service for luxe fashion accessories. Jetworthy works like most subscription services, charging members a monthly flat-rate based on the value range of the items they are interested in borrowing. Members then select the items they would like to borrow within said range, and the item is sanitized and shipped to their front door.

Before fulfilling her dream of building her own company, Fatima worked as a management consultant, digital brand strategist and computer engineer, and lived in 4 continents, now calling NYC her home. Fatima values good design and great customer experiences, having advised Fortune 500 companies. That, along with beautiful jewelry, is what she brings to the customer with Jetworthy.

Third Wave Fashion got the opportunity to ask Fatima a few questions of our own.

TWF: What inspired you to start Jetworthy?

Fatima: I’ve been guilty of falling in love with the new thing I bought only to get bored a few months later. Couple that with the social age we’re in where you don’t want to be seen in the same go-to necklace all the time and voila–Jetworthy was born.

TWF: What value does Jetworthy have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

Fatima: Jetworthy’s all about everyday glam– how you can pair gorgeous gems over regular shirts & tees and always get noticed.  We’re positioning ourselves as a new kind of boutique; one where you can borrow and buy. We’re working with some amazing jewelry designers and our goal is to let women experiment with their style and not have to choose what to splurge on each season.  We’re kind of the anti-thesis of fast fashion– the jewelry we carry is handcrafted with high-end materials & luxury finishes that won’t fall apart after wearing it a few times. Our business model is kind of in line with the social commerce & collaborative consumption movement. We’re different because we’re making covetable brands accessible and affordable at the same time. I mean where else can you rent-to-own amazing accessories from Lanvin? Okay, so that’s what we’re aiming for!

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

Fatima: I think the hardest part is building and growing your brand. Starting a company is the easiest thing nowadays, but having the gumption to keep going once the initial excitement has worn off, and in spite of constant rejection, is difficult. Also finding good talent to round out your team is challenging, and of course getting customers. My favorite part is knowing that I’ve created something from nothing. It’s so fulfilling to get love letters from your customers and have them share intimate, important details about their life with you (like how they got engaged wearing a Jetworthy necklace) among others. I love the idea of spreading that joy to people’s lives.

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Image via Jetworthy.