Event Recap: Future of Fashion Series #4

Event Recap: Future of Fashion Series #4

So, as many of you may have read (and followed) on our Twitter feed, last night was the Future of Fashion (#FutureofFashion) Series hosted by Projective Space and Fashion Digital Daily here in NYC. We must say, the fourth installment of the Future of Fashion series did not disappoint.

Here are some highlights from each startup in order of presentation:

  • Stylitics – aspiring to be “The Bloomberg of Fashion,” drove home the point that user insight and trends can help you manage the inner workings of your closet in order to optimize your style.
  • merocrat – the place for troublemakers, is composed of creative individuals seeking to ensure that the future of the fashion industry is centered around transparency and reliable resources when filtering opportunities.
  • Bib + Tuck – looking to rebrand the second-hand clothing industry the way King Louis XVI “rebranded” the potato (we loved that story) by being the first to introduce moneyless shopping into the fashion tech space.
  • Little Black Bag – inspired by Japanese tradition, Fukubukuru (which means “lucky bag”), this startup marries trading and a straight-to-your-doorstep model to make sure that every user experiences the “LBB Happiness Guarantee.”
  • GO TRY IT ON – wants its users to spend more time loving their clothes and less time fretting about what to wear, while creating a space where social networking is actionable for each member.

By the end of the night it was clear that there is no shortage of innovation, social creativity, and data ingenuity in today’s fashion tech expanse.  These companies are constantly changing to meet customer demands and we love every second of it just as much as you love reaping the benefits.

We look forward to what Fashion Digital Daily and Projective Space do in the new year with this series!

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Image via Fashion Digital Daily.