Lacquerous Has Launched!

Lacquerous Has Launched!

Just when we thought we were tired of the “Netflix for…” reference, out comes this game-changer.  We know exactly what you’re thinking: “There’s always room for a game-changer!” And there is.

Introducing our newest client, Lacquerous!

Conceived by our beautifully manicured founder, Liza Kindred, and marketing guru, Ashlene Nand, Lacquerous is the nail polish sharing service that allows all fingernail possessors the opportunity to partake in something exceptionally special. Gone are the days that your nails are forced to wear last season’s colors or worse, settle for low-end, chip-prone lacquer [gasp]. Members pay a flat rate of $18/month and receive 3 full-sized bottles of this season’s hottest luxury nail colors. You use them for 30-days and once that time’s up, you send it back (with a pre-paid postage label, of course) only to receive 3 more awesome and just as luxurious colors in just a few days. That’s it, your digits are now ready to face any handshake, high-five, or elevator button.

Why do we love it so much? Most of the time a person uses only a portion of their $35 bottle of chic nail color and moves on to another color in just a couple weeks or succumbs to that awkward moment when the polish isn’t good anymore. Eek! Money down the drain. Another reason why we love it is that we recognize the quality right out the gate from brands that we obsess over. Currently, Lacquerous is hosting 9 plush nail polish providers including Tom Ford, Chanel, and Dior. What better? And for you germ-haters out there, here’s a reminder: you… share… nail polish… all the time :: ahem :: nail salons!  The polishes at your local nail spa are just as communal, if not more, than what Lacquerous is providing you and if that’s not enough nail polish companies have to prepare their polishes to remain sterile in sharing conditions. Lacquerous will also be inserting cleansing wipes into all of their shipments, leaving you feeling germ-free.

All in all, Lacquerous has got to be the best thing that’s happened to your hands since… well, we can’t think of anything better!  Go check it out yourself.


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Image via Lacquerous.