Watch Out Wednesday: A.MOET

Watch Out Wednesday: A.MOET

Inspired by a vision to redine the robe and create the go-to garment for a women that brings together fashion and functionality without sacrificing comfort or style, Allegra Moet Brantly started a line of luxury robes, charmingly named A.MOET. The first collection of robes, The Ellaments (just launched), features jewel-tone shades of amber yellow, amethyst purple, topaz blue, and emerald green with prints inspired by her time spent living in Brazil. A.MOET robes perfectly bring together the beauty of the classic wrap dress, and the utility of a towel, reminding women as founder Allegra says, “that they really can have it all.”
Third Wave Fashion had the chance to speak with A.MOET founder, Allegra, just in time for the first collection’s launch, to ask her a few questions of our own.

TWF:  What inspired you to start A.MOET?  

Well they say businesses get started from your own need or the needs of those around you.  If I really think about it, I have always been in the market for that go-to garment that could serve a multitude of needs without a second thought, knowing that it would look and feel effortlessly chic in any occasion.  When I started to think more about it, I saw there was a general void in utility garments also incorporating stylish elements and this got the wheels turning.  A robe could be thrown on easily and accomplish what I was looking for and yet, there was namely two choices: giant frumpy terry cloth or silky slip-off-of-you lingerie, neither of which could satisfy a surprise ring of the doorbell and make you feel stylish and appropriate for whoever may be knocking!  So I plunged into doing a total overhaul on what has heretofore been known as the classic robe.  Everything from refining and redesigning its shape, to adding digital prints and new stylistic features, to sourcing the optimal fabric composition- all while keeping a foundation of functionality so it was more than beautiful but actually useful to the modern woman.  Essentially I’ve spent the last year fusing the utility of a towel with the style and fit of a wrap dress to take a woman from the shower to the corner store and anywhere her soul may wander in between!

As this is only the beginning of our collection, stay tuned for more ‘beautility’ products in the loungewear, travel and resort category.

TWF: What value does A.MOET have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?
A.MOET has a unique position in the fashion tech world because although it is a traditional brand in some senses, our background is in the startup and entrepreneurship scene so we totally embrace the idea of iterating based on customer feedback and staying agile to accommodate market trends and needs.  We are also launching a customization business that will be directed towards the bridal, hotel and spa business – more to come on that soon!
TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

I’d say the hardest obstacle to date has been traversing the garment district and fashion manufacturing landscape in the US in order to build out our manufacturing chain from the ground up on American soil.  But we’ve managed to do and are very proud to be “American born and bred!”

As for my favorite part, it’s actually hard to pick as this has been the most challenging and rewarding journey of my life to date.  But if I had to narrow it down, I’d say perhaps writing this article from the comfort of my own robe knowing that I’ve put a product out into the world that adds a little bit of leisure back into busy women’s lives or checking in at my manufacturer because they’re always playing latin music and I get to feel like I’m back in Miami or Brazil!

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Image via A.MOET.