Watch Out Wednesday: D’Marie

Watch Out Wednesday: D’Marie

Inspired by the lack of organization at a photo shoot, Frank Spadafora, set out on a mission to create a single industry standard for both garment tracking and consumer experience as it relates to fashion in media. Since conducting his initial research, Frank has transformed D’Marie into a multi-faceted fashion-centered media platform that offers consumers a unique social commerce experience, while providing industry users with a simple and effective B2B platform.

Launched earlier this year, D’Marie is “revolutionizing the way consumers seek out, select, and purchase garments, and at the same time allowing designers and retailers to capitalize on consumers’ access to this unprecedented style of shopping.” We love their platform and we’re sure designers and stylists will as well!

Third Wave Fashion got the opportunity to speak with CEO Frank Spadafora and ask him a few questions of our own.

TWF: What inspired you to start D’Marie?

FS: The initial idea for D’Marie began strictly as a b2b application for designers and stylists to track sample garments. While on set for a fashion photo shoot I realized that the stylist was unorganized and used google documents and excel sheets to track which models were wearing what garments. I then conducted research to see what tools existed to assist in executing the garment request and sharing process for media placements and found much of the existing tools were ineffective. However once the website started to generate the garment history content, the team realized that the industry solution solved a consumer’s desire to shop the garments worn by celebrities in films, editorials, television shows, music videos, advertisements and of course at red carpet events. From there we developed a digital department store that surrounded the garments with this entertainment and media history. We’ll be bringing the new social shopping experience to market in early 2013.

TWF: What value does D’Marie have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

FS: First and foremost, I work with an incredible team of people who are experts in website development, e-commerce, affiliated marketing and the fashion and media business. Together, we took two years to build the proprietary software that meets the consumer’s demand of “shoppable” media. Our dual-platform (b2b & b2c) makes us the first website to combine e-commerce, social media and garment tracking.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

FS: As an entrepreneur, the largest obstacle I faced was in the very start with leaving my job and fully committing to the idea of building the company. However, I had the support of my boss at the time who quoted John Rockefeller and told me, “don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

My favorite part of starting D’Marie has been working with the people of this industry. Designers, editors, stylists, media producers… just a total bunch of characters who have taught me so much about the depth of the industry.

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