Weekend Shopping Guide

Weekend Shopping Guide

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, your days this weekend definitely won’t be spent shopping on the streets of New York City.  If you’re lucky enough to have internet, or at least 3G, we can guarantee that the following sites will keep you occupied during this horrific power outage a lot of retailers have faced. The blackout also inspired us to feature one of the fashion tech websites below – can you guess which one?

Our hearts go out to anyone affected by the storm and we hope you take some time this weekend to relax, and maybe even do some online shopping! 

1. EroGear

EroGear is an original, futuristic site featuring customizable and wearable LED displays. We know you’re probably confused. The site allows customers to design visual media, on several garment types. Jackets, vests, and sports attire can be configured by EroGear to LED video design.  The wearable display is powered by a lightweight battery pack in a variety of colors. Simply head to the site and watch their promotional video to get inspired. Then explain your vision on the form and submit it. One thing is for sure: even with the power outage, your lights will never go out!


2. LeTote

In cases like the current power outage, shopping can be a hassle and quite impossible. With Le Tote, items are delivered right to your doorstep, for just $49 a month.  Unlimited designer quality and accessories appear monthly after Le Tote stylists create personalized looks based on the style profile you create.  Each tote contains three garments and two accessories. As soon as you’re sick of the items, simply return them in the pre-paid box.  There are no due dates, cleaning, or extra costs.  Best of all, your new tote with all new items arrives shortly after.


3. Threadflip

Threadflip is a revolutionary shopping experience you won’t want to miss out on. Founded after the realization that our most coveted fashion items often go to waste when we grow tired of them, Threadflip serves as a social marketplace for buying and selling.  Allow those items sitting in the back of your closet to be seen again! Threadflip makes it incredibly easy to earn money and spend it on new, exciting products you love.  Shop for clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories at fair, discounted prices.  Items that are no longer important to you could be someone else’s new prized possession. Want to learn more about the ingenious fashion tech site? You’re in luck! One of our West Coast Tour panelists will be from Threadflip, so if you’re in the San Francisco area, make sure you check us out on November 8th.

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