4 Wearable Tech Innovations We Witnessed This Year

4 Wearable Tech Innovations We Witnessed This Year

We love innovation and absolutely encourage it.  However, lately we’re seeing an abundance of outrageous wearable technology. Some are really cool and can be used right now like the Adidas miCoach Monitor and Supernova Sports Bra (where you can monitor your heart rate on your iPhone or iPod while working out), and others are simply borderline fanciful.  

Here’s a list of some innovations in wearable tech this year.

  1. Ping Hoodie – Still in its project stage and conceived by Electric Foxy, this social networking garment looks quite chic and awes with its ability to connect to users’ Facebook from anywhere.  It interprets gestures and sends signals to your page sharing your actions and publishing them to your feed, automatically keeping you connected with friends and family at all times.
  2. LED Dresses – The world first saw this double-edged dress concept at the 2010 Costume Institute Gala at the MET on Katy Perry but since then designs like this have been popping up everywhere. Like in November when Nicole Scherzingler, the former Pussycat Doll, wore a CuteCircuit dress made up of 2,000 rechargeable LED lights and 3,000 Swarovski crystals. 
  3. Woven – This piece of wearable tech hasn’t found its place yet.  Originally, it was conceived as gaming garb complete with an LED screen, speakers, a heart rate monitor and power pack.  Almost immediately after that, it was reconsidered as a workout monitor.
  4. P. Diddy’s video sweater – Probably the wildest one of them all, is this sweater.  This Macy’s/P. Diddy collaboration sweater houses a windowed pouch on its sleeve where the Fashion Video Name Tag can be inserted to offer continuous video streaming of downloadable content.  You can play anything you want and Macy’s boasts, “just think of all the attention you’ll get at the clubs!”
It’s safe to say these are just the beginning of a world of technology-infused garments to come.  We’re almost certain they’ll get more complex and continue to push the envelope for what we consider chic and avant-garde.  In the meantime, you can catch us sans 2,000 LED lights. 

Leticia Domenech is a Research & Editorial Intern for TWF. Third Wave Fashion has been your fashion tech think tank since 2011. We publish the first ever printed fashion tech magazine, Third Wave.  Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest in fashion tech + wearables.

Image via Intimacy 2.0.