Experts’ Wisdom Series: Part II, Women Innovate Mobile

Experts’ Wisdom Series: Part II, Women Innovate Mobile

Some time ago we at Third Wave Fashion dreamed up the Experts’ Wisdom Series.  It’s an end of the year, three-day tell-all surrounding business, social media, companies’ bottom lines and where business owners —like you— see themselves in 2013.

Moving right along in our lineup, we couldn’t think of a better person to balance our series than Kelly Hoey, Founder and Managing Director of Women Innovate Mobile.

Working alongside Deborah Jackson and Veronika Sonsev, Women Innovate Mobile goes a little something like this: it’s all about the ladies.  Women Innovate Mobile was created to encourage and nurture women-led mobile ventures in order to ultimately create a promising and multifarious startup ecosystem.

Third Wave Fashion got to chat with Kelly to discuss the advantages of being a good social citizen, investors, and what we should be expecting from WIM in 2013.

TWF: What were 3 major goals you set for your business(es) this year?  Did you meet them?


  1. Conduct Women Innovate Mobile’s first accelerator – a startup “bootcamp” for early-stage women founded mobile ventures.
  2. Get WIM’s portfolio companies launched and funded.
  3. Expand WIM’s network and market the hell out of what we are doing in order to build momentum in 2013 (and beyond).

WIM was launched in December 2011. Our goals were pretty ambitious and I’d say we did a good job of meeting or exceeding some of our goals (and others we had not foreseen). 

TWF: What was your company’s bottom line for 2012?  What do you want investors to know about your company going into 2013?

KH/WIM: Our bottom line in 2012 was to find, accelerate and fund exceptional women-founded (or co-founded) mobile startups. Investors should know that we achieved that in 2012 and we’re raising our own funds to find more mobile or mobile first startups to accelerate and fund in 2013.

TWF: What did you learn most from your social media endeavors this year?

KH/WIM: Good things happen from being a good social citizen. Case in point: I had the tremendous opportunity to speak at the FT Innovate conference in London thanks to an introduction made via Twitter.

TWF: Wow! That’s really amazing!  What social platform proved to be the most lucrative for your business, and why? Are you predicting the same results for 2013?

KH/WIM: We are actively engaging online on various social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. We use private social platforms such as to keep our portfolio companies, mentors and advisors connected. These platforms when used in tandem with traditional media, new media sites (Women 2.0, BlogHer, Vator, HuffingtonPost, Grovo,) and face-to-face in-person “bring your business card” networking opportunities has been a lucrative social strategy for us. And yes, we expect similar results in 2013.

All in all, the team over at Women Innovate Mobile is doing something truly special — they are masters of business and are fostering a new generation of female experts.  Their initiatives transcend the antiquated boundaries of business and we expect them to ensure the success of many more women-led ventures in 2013.

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Image from WIM News & Updates.