Experts’ Wisdom Series: Part III, Third Wave Fashion

Experts’ Wisdom Series: Part III, Third Wave Fashion

Recently, we at Third Wave Fashion dreamed up the Experts’ Wisdom Series.  It’s an end of the year, three-day tell-all surrounding business, social media, companies’ bottom lines and where business owners —like you— see themselves in 2013.  This is Part III of our journey into the outlook and expertise of a select group of innovators we chose to feature.
As we bring this series to a close we wanted to make sure that we concluded with a bang!  Because of this, we considered that the most fitting person to share insight would be Liza Kindred, Founder of Third Wave Fashion.  Third Wave Fashion’s a distinctive business built on the backs of Liza and a small, dedicated and talented group of people.  In 2011, Third Wave Fashion set out to strategize, consult with, fortify, and connect entrepreneurs and businesses in order to ensure the growth of fashion tech startups around the world.

We sat down with Liza to talk bottom lines, an upcoming database, and TWF’s current social value.

TWF: What was your company’s bottom line for 2012?  What do you want readers to know about your company going into 2013?

LK: Our business in 2012 was all about establishing who we were as a company, building up the fashion tech community, and figuring out what value we could add to the ecosystem. In 2013, we’re going to be focusing on really delivering on that value, on fostering excellence in everything that we do, and on helping to build our client’s businesses in a solid and sustainable way.
TWF: A company’s social presence is inarguably one of the most important components when building a brand and a business.  Do you agree?  What is your company’s current social value and will that change?
LK: We definitely agree. We try to participate in a meaningful way; it’s important to us to add signals amid the noise as much as we can. We are really active on Twitter and have found that a lot of people have come to us through that channel. Because we’re a services company and not a product company, and because we speak to brands, investors & entrepreneurs, we’re very thoughtful about the kind of things that we post. 
One amusing thing that we did on Twitter recently was that we virtually banned hashtags. While hashtags can be useful when posting from an event (and occasionally for humor,) in general we find that their proliferation has really junked up our Twitter streams. No one actually seems to search by hashtag, so unless they’re necessary, we’ve stopped using them.
We’re also really focusing on our blog in 2013. We’ve found that people want to read interviews with successful people, easily digestible information about the fashion tech ecosystem, and come to us for context about where we fit in the greater world — we’re going to focus on delivering that.
TWF: What is your proudest business accomplishment this year?
LK: We held sell-out fashion tech meetups in three cities, have over 500 fashion tech companies in our database, met with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors, and helped our clients achieve some awesome successes. 2012 was, for us, our first full year in business, and we believe that we proved our own worth. Here’s to a mind-blowing amount of awesomeness in 2013!
Truly the fashion tech tour de force, Liza has shown that Third Wave Fashion is more than just consulting with fashion-centric companies, this business is changing the entire landscape of fashion tech as we know it.  With sold out meet-ups, a smart social outlook, as well as the ability to adapt to clients’ needs, Third Wave Fashion is headed to the top of the business pyramid.  We can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for this game-changer but we’re positive that Liza and the Third Wave Fashion crew will continue to make fashion tech history.  Stay tuned.

Leticia Domenech is the Writing and Copyediting Intern at TWF. Third Wave Fashion has been your fashion tech think tank since 2011. We publish the first ever printed fashion tech magazine, Third Wave.  Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest in fashion tech + wearables.

Image via Fashion Forward Events.