Social Influence: A Look At OscarPRGirl’s Erika Bearman

Social Influence: A Look At OscarPRGirl’s Erika Bearman

For years her identity was unknown, but her Twitter following grew exponentially. We’re guessing you’ve heard of OscarPRGirl, but who is she? Does her twitter presence influence the luxury brand’s sales?

With over 166,000 followers, Erika Bearman is the OscarPRGirl, Oscar de la Renta’s director of communications and the woman behind the luxury designer’s lively Twitter feed. Bearman tweets everything from insider details about the brand, to personal musings and life happenings. Now mentioned on numerous fashion websites, including a feature as Who What Wear’s Style Stalker, Ms. Bearman has definitely established herself as a fashion “it girl.”

Erika is just one of several executives who tweet on behalf of luxury brands, providing designers with instant feedback from show attendees and providing a much larger marketing stage. Although Bearman’s activity on Twitter has had a positive effect on the brand, tweeting doesn’t come without risks. Letting a new voice speak for the brand means the designer must give up some control.

Following a positive response from OscarPRGirl’s tweets from a fashion show in February, Oscar de la Renta decided to live-stream its June show. Models carried clutches designed for the iPad and about three weeks later, when the clutch was available online, it sold out in a matter of days!

So why aren’t more brands playing the Twitter and social media game? DKNY’s PR Girl has over 174,000 followers, and Diane Von Furstenberg even chimes in on her brand’s twitter account, yet there are so many brands out there not engaging.

A recent article written by Forbes notes that luxury brands don’t even have to engage with their target audience to have an impact via social media. According to studies, just showing up is enough.

“What brands should do now is really embrace social media,” said Franck Jehanne, co-founder of the Kalory Agency and luxury executive who has worked with Cartier, Montegrappa and Baume & Mercier. “All the recent changes in social media are very exciting and it is a fantastic opportunity for brands to actually make an impact and to talk to their customers more directly and more personally than ever before.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Image via OscarPRGirl twitter.