Tech Twins Do Fashion: Introducing Hukkster

Tech Twins Do Fashion: Introducing Hukkster

Anyone who saw The Social Network or knows the story of the drama behind Facebook, will recognize the Winklevoss twins. They are the tall, blonde duo on the Harvard rowing team that challenged Mark Zuckerberg in court. Does that ring a bell? Well, now the All-American twins are making their debut into the world of fashion tech.

Introducing, Hukkster. Looking to fight inbox fatigue, former J.Crew buyers Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell came up with the idea. Like many of us, the pair noted the tendency to delete the plethora of emails in their inboxes, only to miss the best sales. They set out to create a tool that would allow you to never miss a sale again — and, so far, we like it!

Here’s how it works: users “hukk” (similar to how one would “Like” or “pin”) items that they like from the web and receive notifications when that item goes on sale. Participating retailers include: J.CREW, Steven Alan and Nordstrom, with more to come.

So where do the Winklevoss twins come in? In November, Katie and Erica announced a $1 million seed investment led by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The twins are not only high-profile, they’re also a great network that will help the startup make “a big splash for the holiday season.” They were drawn to Katie and Erica’s idea of allowing customers to pull only the deals they want instead of having to deal with a ton of “poorly targeted and unwanted deals.”

Currently operating in invitation-only mode, Hukkster already has over 10,000 users, each saving an average of 33% on products previously hukk’d. With a recent site redesign and the addition of a “list” capability to allow users to share their “hukks” with friends and family, they are hoping the holiday season will bring big margins.

Whether you’re an avid bargain shopper or not, Hukkster is looking to be your solution to flash sale overload. All we can say is bring on the deals — only those we hand-pick of course.

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Image via Hukkster.