The 12 Best Fashion & Technology Articles of 2012

The 12 Best Fashion & Technology Articles of 2012

It’s a new year, and we can’t wait for all the fabulous things ahead. Before we move on, though, we want to reflect on last year. It’ll help us all put on our 2013 thinking caps. To do so, we decided to compile some of our favorite articles of 2012. They inspired us, educated us, and brought some enlightenment to our fashion tech world. Here’s which, in our opinion, were the 12 best articles of 2012:

1. This one gives great context. A must read for any entrepreneur, specifically those who are starting their own online brand: Why VCs Are Loving Fashion Startups Right Now. // Upstart Business Journal

2. With so many fashion startups out there, how do we know which ones are actually viable? Fashion’s Collective gives us 5 great points that explore a startup’s worth in the space: 5 Ways to Access Fashion/Tech Startups // Fashion’s Collective

3. We’re going to miss Inside FMM’s wildly smart articles. This one was our favorite last year: HOW-TO: Build a Digital Strategy. // Inside FMM

4. One of our favorite meetups to date, check out what we learned from marketing gurus at Refinery29, Bonobos, and Of A Kind: 13 Things We Learned At Our Digital Branding Meetup. // Third Wave Fashion

5. An important look at how digital broke into offline shopping last year: Digital World Now Coaxing Shoppers Back to Stores. // Women’s Wear Daily

6. A thorough look at social marketplaces and the six factors why that space will continue growing: The Rise of the Mobile-Social-Vertical Marketplace. // TechCrunch

7. Who doesn’t love inspiring female entrepreneurs sharing their yearly goals? Part 1, 2, and 3 of our Experts’ Wisdom Series gives us insight to business goals of 2012, and what the future holds in 2013. Part One with Of a Kind, Part Two with Women Innovate Mobile, and Part Three with Liza Kindred. // Third Wave Fashion

8. An elightening look into the content + commerce trend, from where it was to where it’s going: Fashion 2.0: The Next Chapter of Content + Commerce Integration. // Business of Fashion

9. One last plug for ourselves: this in-depth interview with TWF Founder, Liza Kindred, on our mission as a business, investment, PR, and our kick- !@#$%^&* west coast tour: The Future of Fashion Tech Startups: A Q&A with Third Wave Fashion Founder Liza Kindred // PR Couture

10. Mobile commerce had a huge year in 2012, setting record breaking sales. This report explains it all: BII Report: Why Mobile Commerce Is Set To Explode. // Business Insider

11. It’s crucial for us to keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to fashion brands– from content, to social–and this article written by Crosby Noricks did just that, even getting a repost by RackedThe Best Brand Content Fashion Edition // Fast Company

12. And last but certainly not least, Marissa Mayer tells it like it is: “You can be into fashion and you don’t have to be the pasty white programmer with a pocket protector staying up all night.” Techies Break a Fashion Taboo. // The New York Times

Cheers to a successful 2013 for all! We can’t wait to explore what trends unravel in the new year and we look forward to more solid articles from all of our favorite blogs and publishers.

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