Watch Out Wednesday:

Watch Out Wednesday:

Fashion blogging is more popular than ever before, and with so many popping up everyday, it is almost impossible for readers to navigate and stay up to date with each and every one. That’s where Canopi comes in.

Canopi is an online community that helps bloggers get a jump-start by gaining readership early on, while providing a source for readers to discover and interact with high-quality content. Started by husband and wife team, Collin and Erin Flynn, Canopi allows bloggers to bring together their content and attract readers to share their favorite posts. Each post is scored based on the number of shares, then the post with the highest score has the opportunity to land on the site’s front page leader board.

TWF reached out to the power couple behind Canopi and asked a few questions of our own.


TWF: What inspired you to start Canopi?

CF: Canopi was inspired by watching my wife, Erin, start and grow her fashion blog, Reality Chic, over the period of three years. I got to see firsthand how blogging can change someone’s life and how much more confident Erin became as she was writing about her passion. Beyond recognizing that power, we also got to see how much trouble bloggers can have growing their following and managing/making brand relationships. There seems to be an arbitrary ceiling that is placed on how big new bloggers can grow because current ranking systems (i.e. pageviews) just don’t cut it. We wanted to start Canopi to level the playing field for all bloggers because people can write awesome content but they run into trouble distributing that content to the right people.

TWF: What value does Canopi have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

CF: Canopi is focused on ranking blog content (not bloggers). We are ranking blog content based on engagement (social sharing) and relevance (how you strongly you personally relate to it), rather than metrics like pageviews and the keywords used.

Our value is that we are a one-stop shop. We are creating an eco-system around blog content. We want to take care of all the hassles bloggers tend to face (i.e. marketing, gaining traffic, managing brand relationships, advertising, legal issues, etc.) so that they can focus on what they do best: creating the best content for their readers. That being said, we are not currently doing all the things we want to do for our users, because we are still a young, growing company.

We’re different in that our readers are our editors. We don’t have any staff dedicated to choosing the best content, it is solely based on the readership surrounding number of reads and shares.

We should stand out because we are 100% focused on blog content. We believe that blog content is its own form of media, and needs to be treated as such. We are continually learning new intricacies about blogging and constantly make changes to our offering based on feedback from our users, while staying focused on the same mission.

Blogger Benefits:
1. Grow your following.
2. Earn opportunities with brands.
3. Understand your readership.
Reader Benefits:
1. Get a steady stream of new, engaging and relatable blog posts.
2. Organize all of your favorite bloggers.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company?

CF: The hardest obstacle in building Canopi has been to remember to step back and simplify our communications. We often find ourselves so deep in what we want to accomplish, and the intricacies of how things will work, that we forget that the people we are talking to aren’t in every conversation we have regarding this. This happens internally, between our founders, developers, and designers as well as externally to potential customers, investors, and even our family members.

TWF: What has been your favorite part about building the company?

CF: My favorite part(s) about building Canopi are working with the people I love, getting to build something that helps other people, and learning something new every single day.


Canopi is the one stop shop for finding and following bloggers who share your interests. With the blogging community growing exponentially, we are excited to see what the future holds for Collin and Erin.

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