Watch-Out Wednesday: Happily Ever Borrowed

Watch-Out Wednesday: Happily Ever Borrowed

While shopping for your wedding dress can be extremely exciting and a dream come true, the costs that come along with every detail are often daunting. From the veil to the rhinestoned belt that “makes” the dress and the perfect clutch for the evening, it can be quite costly.  That’s where Happily Ever BorroWED comes in. Founded by Brittany Haas, Happily Ever BorroWED is an online wedding shop that rents designer bridal accessories at a fraction of the retail price. They partner with top bridal designers to curate a unique collection of accessories that will make any woman’s special day that much more special. When the wedding is over, you return the item, and they take care of the cleaning. Easy!

TWF reached out to Brittany and the team at Happily Ever BorroWED to ask a few questions of our own.

TWF: What inspired you to start Happily Ever BorroWED?

BH: I have three older sisters each of whom were frustrated by the expensive costs of bridal gowns and accessories; especially for something they could only wear for one day.  Even after their wedding, they tried to sell their gowns and were unsuccessful.  After seeing their luxury goods hang in their hallways, collect dust and become unusable, I decided there must be a better way.  We argued that men are able to rent their tuxes and most people rent a catering hall for the night, so why not this?  Women should have the ability to rent their attire for the night and still look gorgeous with luxury items, but stay within their budget.  It’s about staying within your budget while giving the appearance that you spent much more.  It’s about being a savvy woman who appreciates the quality, but does not necessarily value possession.
TWF: What value does Happily Ever BorroWED have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

BH: There are other companies doing rental attire (Bag Borrow or Steal, Rent the Runway, etc.), but Happily Ever BorroWED is committed to the bridal industry.  Bridal designers and vendors stand apart from the rest of the fashion world. Fortunately, we have exclusive relationships with many of top designers, so our brides can take advantage of that exclusivity.  We understand that brides don’t go to normal retailers for their gown or accessories, they go to specialized boutiques. Therefore, it is important to us to maintain that bridal shop aesthetic online. We plan on expanding into other special occasions (proms, Sweet 16’s, Bat Mitzvahs) and will analyze trends and specific brand-appropriate partners for those genres.  We want our collection and assortment to be very special, and of course, luxurious.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

BH: I think the hardest part has been juggling and managing time. Alleviating some of that stress, Adam Alter joined our team in August of 2012 filling the CMO position and really taking a hold of our marketing efforts.  However, juggling tasks has also been the best part of Happily Ever BorroWED; I wear lots of different hats everyday (even every hour) — it ranges from running to the post office, to styling our brides, to talking to investors, to handling social media.  But honestly, the best part of my job is getting the pictures of our brides. Seeing their happy faces on that special day.  Knowing they didn’t break the bank just to look gorgeous is worth every obstacle.

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Image via Happily Ever Borrowed.