5 Social Media Week Events You Simply Cannot Miss

5 Social Media Week Events You Simply Cannot Miss

It’s February 18th and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s Social Media Week.

We’re geared up and ready to go for the next 5 social innovation and information packed days, and we couldn’t resist getting in on the fun.  So, this Thursday we will be hosting an event at LIM College on Fashion + Social Media: How Brands Are Driving Sales.  Be sure you come by and check it out!

In the meantime, here’s our list of 5 of the hottest, most disruptive events happening this week.

Click through on the images to navigate the slideshow.  Enjoy!

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url-22-720x320 This event is a one day tell-all designed to shed light on digital communications and emerging media -- the perfect things a small business owner should get acquainted with!  Go get 'em. This discussion will be good for a myriad of brands and retailers that are looking to give their social media efforts that slight oomph! Learn how to take advantage of the 90 million blogs currently active on Tumblr.  This event is open profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as everyone in between. Ok, so people know who you are, but what happens next?  This discussion is going to dive into what it means to be engaged with your fan base, and how to measure ROI and brand value. Learn from social media rockstars from Bergdorfs, Michael Kors, BaubleBar and more on how to use analytics intelligently, which platforms brands prefer, what emerging platforms to keep an eye on, and tips to increase engagement and drive sales. Hear how these brands leverage social media in exciting new ways. Visit socialmediaweek.org to find out about more exciting events!

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