Event Recap: The Hearst Fashion Hackathon Takes on NYFW

Event Recap: The Hearst Fashion Hackathon Takes on NYFW

Billed as “The World’s Largest Fashion Hackathon,” the Hearst Fashion Hack event (organized in partnership with AngelHack) was held this past weekend to much fanfare. Myself and our founder, Liza Kindred, both attended and sponsored the well-run event. The teams had a variety of APIs to work with and be inspired from, pulling in from companies as diverse as Gilt Groupe, Microsoft, HTC, Spotify, and Docusign.

Just about 40 pitches were made, some innovative and some unnecessary. We saw a few trends in the mix, including location based discovery platforms, content curation platforms (Hearst content, of course), and “be the editor” apps. Here’s a summary of  the list of presenters and their ideas, as live tweeted yesterday by us:


Virtual Manequin A tool that allows users to try on looks using a Kinect scanner.

#Win Fashion Week A platform that aggregates UGC during fashion week & tracks trends through hashtags.

Shop Dida A hybrid app geared towards people that don’t like to shop and connects stylists to those users.

CO:fashion A mobile platform that combines editorial & UGC in a new content experience.

Zine A platform that gives us access to all of Hearst’s content & allows you to create your own zines & subscribe to others, too.

Drobe A fashion collaging app that allows you to create outfits through inspired images & clothes in your own closet.

LookSee A discovery app that aggregates looks for you & gives you a feed of individualized posts through Hearst’s API.

Hueknew An analytics tool that allows buyers, trend forecasters, and designers to make better color decisions.

Apparelist Allows you to browse your favorite stores from one site; also includes articles from Hearst.

Remix An app that allows the user to be an editor on the go through a stream of Hearst articles.

WWEAR A web application that gives you inspired looks based on the weather.

ShopUp A platform that allows you to scan a product’s barcode & allows you to see how other people wear the look.

Zentice A data-driven app that combines shopping w/ social and allows your friends to vote on items in your wishlist.

Dice Maniac A “dice-like” game that allows you to “roll” looks therefore giving men their outfit of the day.

Apparel Forecast A platform that recommends looks according to location.

FashionSwatch An app that curates content based on your own personal preferences, using the HearstCorp API.

Hearst Throb A personalized user experience tool providing data on users reaction to Hearst’s content.

H3 An Android, magazine type app with a beautiful flow of articles.

Street ChicL New York A gesture-based touchless interface that allows users to browse street style.

Arcadius A Windows 8 application that is curating content based on designers.

Fashion News Here A platform that shows you what fashion news is happening based on location.

Brand Advisor An app that connects brands to designers/buyers & lets them stay up to date w/ trends through geo-tagging.

TokWithUs “Easing the pain of bringing readers into the content creation process.”

This.. Yes, that’s an umbrella with images and articles through Hearst’s API. As New Yorkers, we might not need any more distractions as we’re walking down 5th ave, but we still thought it was pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.29.55 AM

Muse An app that allows you to connect and find your favorite style icon and allows you to share with others.

Guilt Free An Android App that allows you to go through categories, select, and shop; getting current products that are on sale on Gilt Groupe.

StyLust Uses the Spotify API to help you discover fashions based on your music preference.

STYLEreadr The “front page of the latest fashion content, served to you in real time.”

Style Inspiration A “Pandora for fashion” taking users’ searched key words and recommends looks through Klout’s API.

FrontRow Changing the relationship between buyers, publishers, and the public. Similar to FashionGPS.

CatWalk A platform that allows users to create their own outfits using the Hearst API.

Gilt-e-pleasure An interface that pulls in all the products on Gilt & makes them “spot” you.

Fashion Jitsu An app that allow users to curate your own content across various platforms.

Perfect Deal A platform that allows users to receive alerts on the “perfect deal.”

Modekompas Allows designers to tag their items online therefore making them searchable. //

The prizes were all announced directly after the presentations– talk about making quick decisions! The lucky team who took home the $10,000 grand prize was Drobe. As sponsors, we were able give away a prize to the team who bridged online and offline best. (We love that stuff!) We wanted the winning team to get a little break from their computer screens this week, so we awarded the ShopUp team a “Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Package” with goodies from emploi New York, Fourth Wall Restaurants, Blind Barber, and Cayrum. They were awarded our prize because their app included the ability to scan a product’s bar code and see how other customers have worn the item.

Congratulations to all of the teams involved!

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