The Not-So-Typical Look at Developing Your Perfect Social Media Strategy

The Not-So-Typical Look at Developing Your Perfect Social Media Strategy

In real life, everyone wants to be liked; on the Internet, brands want to be “liked.”

With social media ingrained into the everyday lifestyle of the average consumer, it is obviously a wise decision to want to take advantage of this communication channel. How do you, then, as the biggest investor in your own company, leverage social media effectively—and how do you keep track of your progress and efforts?

It’s simple: just like how you would approach any business decision, it takes some strategic planning.

Identify your business mission

Who better to know your vision inside out than yourself? Especially in the startup community, brands need to be able to communicate their concept and mission in an easy to understand and relatable way.

Consumers don’t want to just buy sneakers from any company; they want to buy it from companies that align with their values and ethics—companies that don’t exploit child laborers in sweatshop-like conditions, for example. Let your mission resonate with your viewers. It’s a multi-dimensional concept you’re selling, not simply a product as a means to an end.

Identify your social media goals

Now that you have your business goals outlined, it’s time to see how social media can serve as an effective vehicle to communicate your vision to a wider audience.

The beautiful thing about social media is that with so many different channels and platforms available, you have many tools at your disposal to make your social impact. Figure out exactly what you want social media to achieve for you. Brand awareness, user conversion and retention, revenue growth, increased customer satisfaction… The list goes on and on.

Make social media work for you. What do you want to accomplish?

Plan your social media strategy

Okay, now you’ve figured out what you want to communicate to your audience by using social media. How, then, do you accomplish those goals?

Each social media channel has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to decide which one will serve your goals the best. If you want to increase customer satisfaction, you could take a chapter from Gilt Groupe’s customer service Twitter and make that your priority.

Pizza Hut made virality work in their favor by taking advantage of the central hub that is Facebook, and creating share-worthy content on YouTube and other sites. President Obama’s campaign team managed to reach a target demographic of college students by knocking on the doors of Reddit—and convinced them that the President had a place there, and in their lives.

Make sure your strategy and subsequent choice of social media tools line up with your objectives.

Identify your metrics of success

The next and final step is: how do you measure tactical success?

With analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook’s Conversion Measurement, calculating the ROI of your social media strategy has never been easier.

Start by defining your key performance indicators (KPI), such as page views, duration of visit, pages per visit, etc. Is your choice of social media helping or hindering you?

It could be as simple as increasing your page views to 5,000 a month, for example. Your social media channel of choice from the previous step was Twitter. Have your Twitter followers been clicking through to check out your website? By following your site’s traffic and analyzing where the traffic originated from, you can have your answer. If analytics tell you that the main reason people discovered and landed on your website is through your Twitter account, then perhaps you have succeeded in that one goal. //

Thanks to the internet and social media, you can officially do a lot more with a lot less. So, what are you waiting for?

Jaclyn Siu was a Third Wave Fashion contributor. She’s currently a student at NYU, a fashion journalist, and the founder of You can follow her on Twitter here

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