Watch Out Wednesday: Fohr Card

Watch Out Wednesday: Fohr Card

In recent years we’ve seen the fashion industry change quite a bit, one of the most significant changes being the rise of the blogger. Bloggers are now filling the front seats at Fashion Week shows, and building relationships with brands both new and old. But with so many bloggers out there, and no formal system of partnership and payment, the entire situation can become complicated.

Thanks to Fohr Card, that no longer has to be the case. Founded by former Tumblr fashion director Rich Tong, Holly Stair, and James Nord, all of whom met via Tumblr, Fohr Card aims to simplify the process for bloggers and brands. Coined the first verified fashion blogger directory, Fohr Card allows bloggers to be discovered by brands, as well as provides them with a platform on which they’re able to present all of their follower and traffic statistics. Brands then pay to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis, and gain access to influential bloggers.

We have been waiting to feature these guys as one of the Watch Out Wednesdays companies and were excited to learn more. However, because we love the Fohr Card so much, we asked a few extra questions than normal. TWF sat down with our friend Holly Stair to talk inspiration, struggles, and busy schedules.

TWF: What was the inspiration behind starting Fohr Card?

HS: Fohr Card was founded by myself, Rich Tong and James Nord. Rich is the former fashion director of Tumblr and he and I worked together on developing programs for the fashion community. James is a very talented photographer and was an active member of the Tumblr community. We met, started looking at the disconnect between how brands were reaching bloggers and bloggers reaching brands, so we built Fohr Card to ease that experience. We were able to put James in touch with a series of brands that he started shooting for, and we thought how great it would be to scale this experience for blogger and brands alike.

TWF: What value does Fohr have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

HS: Fohr Card is focusing on building a B2B business. Supplying verified data is not a common feature of other B2B businesses in the fashion space, which often focus on ecommerce or retail problems.

TWF: What has been your favorite part?

HS: The support of our friends in the fashion industry and blogging community has been tremendous, and I am so proud of how far we have all come.

TWF: What does your average day look like?

HS: I want to say my days are never average, but even that would be an average response. Half of my time is spent managing our rapidly growing community, making sure our bloggers are comfortable with Fohr Card and know that we are there for them. There is a lot of making sure people have Google Analytics installed on their blog. The rest of my time is spent meeting with our partners, our clients and prospective brands.

TWF: What advice would you give to young women or men looking to be in fashion tech?

HS: Identify a problem, no matter how simple, and find a way to build a solution. Fohr Card was created by the simple statement: “I wish there was a live directory that I could sort through to find bloggers…” And with that, we just started building.

TWF: Fohr is all about connecting bloggers and brands. Who are your favorite bloggers right now?

HS: My favorite blogger, forever and always, will be Karla Deras. I absolutely love the Aussies, like Tuula and Shine by Three.

TWF: Bloggers can join by invitation only. What is the criteria for obtaining an invitation?

HS: We’re happy to have anyone that is creating meaningful content in the fashion space join us on Fohr Card. We believe in empowering smaller blogs, watching them grow and turn into something huge. There isn’t a minimum number of followers or impressions, we just simply ask for a beautiful and complete profile before pressing ‘submit’.

TWF: Tell us a little bit about some of the big developments we can look forward to seeing soon.

HS: We’re excited to expand globally and meet more and more creators all over the world.

TWF: Are there any personal goals you’d like to share?

HS: Personal goals for the year are to travel more, keep learning and spend less time on the Internet.

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Images via Holly Stair.