Watch Out Wednesday: Popbasic

Watch Out Wednesday: Popbasic

There comes a point when you look at your closet and think, “step up your wardrobe, it’s time for a change!” Maybe you are making a move to a different climate, or transitioning from college to the work place, but you know it’s time to start building a more sophisticated and well-rounded closet. That’s what inspired Co-founders of Popbasic, Madeline Veenstra and Coen Hyde, to launch the first-ever micro collection e-commerce site.

With a mix of basics and on-trend items, Popbasic creates personally curated three-piece collections that are shipped to customers worldwide. The best part: no subscription is required. The micro collections range from $50 to $100 and are available until stock runs out. But you might want to rush, Popbasic’s beta micro collection sold out in just ten days! We’re not kidding.

We had to know more, so we asked Madeline a couple of questions of our own. Here’s what she had to say:

TWF: What inspired you to start Popbasic?

MV: My co-founder and I were planning a move to the US (we’re originally from Australia) and it struck me that I only had very Summer-appropriate clothes. My wardrobe really lacked in basics and trend items. I wanted to find the best way to build a classic wardrobe while also purchasing fun pieces. At the time I saw how many beauty subscription services were being introduced and wanted to provide this excitement for fashion without tying our customers into the service. Selling three pieces as a limited edition micro collection allows us to provide this experience to our customers. We also wanted to make each parcel that little bit lovelier by adding a beauty and lifestyle element. I felt that there are so many beauty subscription services that customers were becoming overwhelmed with new products. By introducing one new brand each month, it enables us to really showcase a product that we know they’ll adore. Above all, we wanted a really simple and fun buying experience for our community.

TWF: What value does Popbasic have that makes it stand out against other fashion tech companies?

MV: We’re the first company to pioneer the idea of micro collections sold as a set and also one of the first to create an online-only brand. We also ship worldwide for free.

E-commerce lives and dies on fractions of a second, most retailers do not take this seriously. We have a really strong technical Co-founder who has developed one of the first e-commerce sites that runs the same code on both client and server. This means full page HTML can be quickly served on the initial page request, then subsequent navigation can be rendered on the client for super fast navigation. We also really value simplicity. Too often fashion sites bombard customers with unnecessary noise.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in the process of building the company? What has been your favorite part?

MV: I’m new to manufacturing, so it took me close to 10 months to find the right factories to produce our pieces. Which has also been my favorite part — I absolutely adore creating micro collections that I know our customers will love, and finding new beauty and lifestyle brands to introduce them to has been really fun.


With orders shipped worldwide and prices below $100, Popbasic is on its way to changing the way we shop. Keep your eyes open for their new micro collection to be released at the end of March, and in the meantime check out their fun video. To keep up with Popbasic, follow them on Twitter: @pop_basic

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Image via Popbasic.