Why Bloggers Make Great Social Media Managers

Why Bloggers Make Great Social Media Managers

I find myself reading posts such as, “What makes a good social media manager?” or “Skills of successful social media marketers” and see that the traits mentioned are very similar to those of bloggers. I’ve managed my personal blog for nearly 4 years as well as contributed to other sites. Since then, I’ve made the segway from blogger to freelance social media consultant– and I definitely feel that managing my own blog has helped prepare me and make me a better social media manager.

Here are 4 reasons why:

Bloggers understand the business of social media.

Social media is not just tweeting fun hashtags, it is a business. Think about it: Bloggers have been creating social media strategies for their “businesses” from day one. They understand that in order to drive traffic you need to be where your readers (customers) are. Some also do sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, paid guest posts, Twitter parties, etc. to generate revenue from their existing audience. They can take the very core of those principles and seamlessly apply them to startups’ business models.

Bloggers are influencers.

One of the biggest values I believe a blogger can bring to any position, but more specifically a social media manager position, is their influence. They can bring their audience over to their new role. Preferably, as business person hiring a blogger to conduct your social media, you’d want to find a blogger who has influence in your industry (i.e. fashion, tech, beauty, lifestyle).  To boot, bloggers are influencing purchasing decisions.

Bloggers can interpret the analytics and data.

All bloggers deal with their own blog’s statistics on some level. However, I’d argue that most bloggers go beyond the general numbers and dig deeper. They dissect more than just Google Analytics to see where their page views are coming from, what topics their readers are interested in, and demographics about their audience. It helps them curate their content. It is impossible, however, to get a creative person who completely understands social media analytics. But, it’s likely better to hire someone who has experience managing their own analytics and applying them to real life.

Bloggers know how to build relationships.

Bloggers’ lives depend on it! They understand the value of making connections whether it be in person or online. Being a good social media manager, you need to have patience, authenticity and honesty. Bloggers have been willing to share their lives with the online community. Let them show you how your business can do that with your customers. Social media has presented a transparency of business like never before. It may seem scary but letting your customers see a different side of you can be a good thing. //

I’d highly recommend bloggers to anyone looking to hire a Social Media Manager.  For business, look at their content.  Ask yourself: Is it original? Is it creative? Is it engaging? What is their social media presence like? Do they tweet strategically or is it TMI? Of course, I recommend only the professional bloggers who understand how to conduct themselves. Think about it: bloggers willingly write (typically for free), know how to promote themselves across social media platforms, know how to engage their readers and can analyze the numbers to make smarter decisions about their business. Are those the traits of a professional you would want to hire? It’s a no-brainer.

Editor’s note: We certainly noticed the trend upon reaching out to the panelists of our SMW 2013 meetup. They’re all former or current bloggers on the side and are still incredible at their jobs as social media managers, or directors. Take this into account when looking for that perfect Social Media Manager. Who knows, she may be your favorite blogger who just happens to be looking for a new opportunity. 

Kimberlee Van Der Wall was a Third Wave Fashion contributor. She’s a fashion journalist, and the founder of  I Have A Degree In This! You can follow her on Twitter here

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