7 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Startup in NYC

7 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Startup in NYC

Since moving to New York nearly six years ago, I have been warmly welcomed by the startup community. In a city of 8.2 million, you can easily be intimidated and feel like a tiny speck, but in the New York tech scene I have found a supportive family. I believe that New York is the best place to get your startup going. According to SeedTable.com, last year 127 startups were founded in the city, nearly equal to the combined 131 that launched in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California. Here’s why I think it’s the best:
1. During any given week, there are hundreds of events, and a lot of them are free. There is an abundance of information available for new founders, as well as great demo events like the ones hosted by Projective Space and NY Tech Meetup. At these, you can demonstrate your startup to respected industry professionals who can give you valuable feedback — or you may even find a new investor.
2. The tech community is small. As I mentioned earlier, although the city’s population is large, the tech community is quite small and tight-knit. There are a lot of supportive groups that are looking to help each other in environments such as co-working spaces, or if you’re trying to break the glass ceiling, NY Tech Women is a great source for female founders looking to recruit other women to hire. It really does feel like a family.
3. New York is an international city. Something other tech cities don’t have going for them is that many international travelers come through New York rather frequently. There’s something like 800 languages spoken here! If you’re making a business deal with someone in London, it’s a lot easier in New York City than in say another “tech” city. It opens more doors.
4. Our mayor knows the value of startups. Mayor Bloomberg has done a lot to promote the tech community and job growth in New York. You may have noticed the “We Are Made in New York” campaign plastered around the city. When you have the mayor on your side, you can be reassured that your business will be protected and that the best and brightest from the local colleges will want to join your startup.
5. Startups started here are built to last. There’s an antiquated saying, “if you want to be an entrepreneur, go west,” as Mark Zuckerberg was told during the early days of Facebook. However, New York-based startups are proving that theory wrong time and again, and showing that you can last on the East Coast. Etsy, Birchbox, and Warby Parker are great examples of tech companies that have been thriving and show no signs of stopping.
6. Diversity of industries. As a Business Insider article pointed out with a quote from Birchbox’s co-founder Katia Beauchamp, “There was no other city for us to start our business, which is (a) hybrid media, marketing and retail company that started in beauty.”  She goes on, “New York is the destination for media, marketing and the majority of beauty companies in the U.S.”  There are so many industries within the New York’s landscape that hybrid companies and partnerships are bound to happen, and that’s an amazing thing. You can tap into the publishing industry for great press, you can find great marketers, or talk to your lawyer friends on Wall Street about issues concerning your startup.
7. We help each other.  There are a growing number of matchmaking startups launching, whose services include connecting entrepreneurs, the fashion and business savvy, and the financially versed together seamlessly.  Our  fabulous ladies of Third Wave Fashion host a myriad of events connecting talent with the insightful, as well as offer a number of services that will help promote your startup and set it on the right track for success. //

Kimberlee Van Der Wall is a Third Wave Fashion contributor. She’s also a Freelance Social Media Consultant and Blogger. Check out her site here.

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