Watch Out Wednesday: SKINNYFATTIES

Watch Out Wednesday: SKINNYFATTIES

Fashions change over time, it’s a rule of life. A designer bubble skirt that was a hit last Spring, may no longer be in style this season– and the same goes for menswear. A few years ago, every working man was sporting the classic wide (or “fat”) tie with their suit. Today however, the most fashionable men (such Justin Timberlake to Karl Lagerfeld) are wearing sleek, thin ties aka”skinny” ties. Thanks to New York-based startup, SKINNYFATTIES, men can stay on trend without draining their bank accounts.
Founded by Joshua Adam Brueckner, SKINNYFATTIES custom tailors wide neckties, providing a more wallet-friendly alternative to buying new skinny ties at retail value. “Not hating on fat ties. As a matter of fact, the patterns and materials are usually incredible. These fat ties just need a little help. That’s where SKINNYFATTIES comes in,” said Brueckner.
Following the example set by Warby Parker, SKINNYFATTIES donates $1 to non-profit organization Career Gear, which helps men transition into the workforce.
TWF sat down with Joshua to get the inside scoop on the business model, men’s fashion and skinny ties.
TWF: What inspired you to start SKINNYFATTIES? 
JB: When I lost my job in July 2012, I was not able to afford job interview clothing so I learned to tailor what I had. I started with button-up shirts and later moved on to neckties. My friends loved it and that inspired me to start a company. Now for every tie tailored, $1 is donated to low-income men entering the workforce because I knew how hard it was to start over with nothing.
TWF: What value does SKINNYFATTIES have compared to other companies in the fashion tech space?

JB: We offer a unique high-end boutique tailoring service for neckties. The service is so specific that it’s difficult to compare to other companies. In regards to technology, we utilize social media in every aspect of our operation. I would say that it is our social responsibility as a company to involve ourselves with charity. We hope this ignites a fire in other companies and industries to start giving back.

TWF: What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting SKINNYFATTIES
JB: The hardest obstacle in starting SKINNYFATTIES has been meeting the demand. Our sales have doubled every month since we started back in July. It’s very true that with great success, comes great responsibility. We strongly focus on every single customer and we obsess over servicing their ties with perfection.
TWF: What has been your favorite part?

JB: My favorite part in starting SKINNYFATTIES has been observing our growing social media networks. Because we’ve always offered free shipping worldwide, our international popularity has grown at a rapid rate. Every single day, I take a step back and smile; I am grateful for where this company has taken me.

TWF: For the guys out there, what are your favorite tie brands (or styles) of the moment? 
JB: Check out APRIL LOOK (, Forage ( and The Hill-Side ( I love cotton ties.
To check out the latest from Joshua and the team at SKINNYFATTIES, follow them on twitter.

Kellie Friedman is the Research & Editorial Intern for TWF.

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