Your Startup Needs To Host More Events. Here’s Why…

Your Startup Needs To Host More Events. Here’s Why…

We all love a good party.  There’s nothing better than great horde’euvres, some refreshments, and plain ol’ good company.  Interestingly enough, these features are typically what make a business/networking event so successful.  So why is it that so many startups choose not to host events?  It’s an interesting paradigm but we’re siding with ‘you should definitely be hosting more events’.  Here’s why:

Public Interest

Hosting events, or even partnering up with other startups to grow their events, is key to growing your business.  There’s that saying, “the bigger your rolodex, the bigger your business.”  Now, we know there’s no such thing as a rolodex anymore (we think they’re kept in museums nowadays) but the same is true for the address book in your smartphone.  Building your network is never a bad thing.  One never knows the opportunities to be reaped unless you get out there and exchange business cards (or vCards).  If nothing more, events allot you the chance to bring in customers, interact with them, let them learn about the person behind the trademark.  They can experience products right then and there, and even bring a friend to experience your brand as well.  There’s a perfect situation to grow your customer base because people that attend events are: 1. Interested in the event itself, or 2. They’re interested in you.  Why not capitalize on that and really learn about your role in the space and who your target audience is? Nothing sounds bad about that.


Collaborating on an event or having your company be the center of attention brings great press and exposure to what it is your startup is doing.  People want to see how your company conducts itself in this high-pressure situation, and they particularly love to note your employees’ ability to problem solve in the moment.  If you’ve got a strong team, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.  It’s a chance for you to mold other’s perception of your business, and invites people to come in and experience your company first-hand.

Also, events allow for a little creativity and fun.  This is why we favor actually hosting an event in a physical space as opposed to hosting a virtual event.  Yes, we understand the potential for scale and measurability, but at an actual event you can experience things more personally and better communicate your brand.  Being a little fun or quirky is the best way to make people feel comfortable and get them to love your startup.

Charity and gifts

Some companies choose to use their events as opportunities to fundraise or giveaway– this is a great idea.  Being associated with a charitable organization or giving customers free products will only continue to fortify customer loyalty and overall brand image.  Companies that give are seen to be self-sufficient enough to maintain all their functions and have enough time and value to share with their niche or the greater business world.  This method also fuels brand differentiation, product visibility, overall business credibility, and sets the tone of a ‘do-good’ attitude.  The public’s perception couldn’t get any better. //

We’d love for you to join us at some of our upcoming events.  We’ll be talking about fashion tech insights, funding, and online/offline strategies. Here are our next 3:

  1. State of Fashion Tech, April 9 // Keynote by Third Wave Fashion Founder, Liza Kindred
  2. Behind The Pitch, April 22 // A collaboration with Women Innovate Mobile
  3. Online Goes Offline, May 23 // Internet Week New York

Leticia Domenech is the Writing and Copyediting Intern at TWF. Third Wave Fashion has been your fashion tech think tank since 2011. We publish the first ever printed fashion tech magazine, Third Wave.  Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest in fashion tech + wearables.

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