Manufacture New York: The Organization That’s Changing The Lives of Fashion Designers Forever

Manufacture New York: The Organization That’s Changing The Lives of Fashion Designers Forever

The fashion industry is growing at an exponential rate, but it’s not just the big brands that are reaping the benefits; small fashion businesses are popping up everywhere and changing all preconceived notions of how the market’s served. Recently, we produced a piece on the ways crowdsourcing is changing the way fashion startups gain insight and grow in their space.  The newest venture that we can’t get enough of, and has seamlessly integrated crowdsourcing in their funding plans, is Manufacture New York. This NYC incubator and factory hybrid is empowering designers through collaborative spaces and access to production.

Check out how the founder, Bob Bland, thought up the idea for Manufacture New York and all the different ways you can get involved.
Please tell us what you want the world to know about Manufacture New York.
1. Local production and transparent community-driven supply chains are essential to sustainability in fashion.
2. Emerging designers deserve the mentoring and business training they need to create profitable clothing lines. Breaking even is not success. Designers deserve to make a living creating their lines. Without the diversity and innovation provided by this next generation of designers, our industry will crumble.
3. Domestic manufacturing jobs are good jobs, and they are they key to bringing back the U.S. economy.

What was the thought process/timeline of events that led up to Manufacture New York’s conception?

The idea actually came to me as a complete vision about a year ago, though I have considered doing something similar to this as early as 2008. It has just been a matter of making the plan inclusive, and bringing together the right people and elements. It’s really been a year long treasure hunt!

How did the IndieGoGo fundraising campaign pan out?

GREAT! We raised over $40,000 in 40 days, and an additional $20,000 in tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. If you missed out on the campaign and want to be part of this movement, we are still accepting donations of any amount:

How can non-designers help the Manufacture New York initiative?

Anyone can join! If you love fashion and believe in USA manufacturing, get involved by signing up for the mailing listmaking a tax-deductible donation, following us on Facebook or Twitter, or emailing me at bob (at) manufactureny (dot) org to volunteer in the NYC area. //
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Image via Manufacture New York.