The World’s First Ever Fashion Tech Database

The World’s First Ever Fashion Tech Database

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve launched the world’s first fashion tech database. Not only that – we’ve launched the first ever monthly fashion tech reports. Now you can know everything we know!

Our database has over ten thousand data points about more than 650 companies in it – can you believe that? And our monthly report is 38 pages of in-depth fashion tech content including industry news, comprehensive investment information, and detailed trend analysis as well as innovator profiles and our recommendations.

We’ve been working on this surprise for nearly two years; it’s the culmination of thousands of hours of monitoring the industry. We began tracking companies so we could have a comprehensive view of the landscape ourselves and quickly realized that this information would be valuable to many other people as well.

With nearly $1.6 billion was invested in fashion tech companies in 2012 alone, the fashion tech industry is growing rapidly and showing no signs of stopping. This database holds extensive information on hundreds of fashion tech companies, including investment information, founders and descriptions. Our database will act as a trusted resource for fashion brands, investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and designers, as well as university students and anyone else who is interested in the fashion tech space.


As mentioned, the database contains over 650 fashion tech companies, 350 investors and 800 players in the industry. Paid subscribers can search 35 business categories including direct-to-consumer, social production, subscription commerce and marketplaces, and then cross-reference these with over 50 tags such as beauty, luxury, vintage, apps and personalization.

In addition to the current database features, we will soon be adding maps, live social media statistics and historical traffic as well as searchable locations, founders & investors. Users will be able to ‘favorite’ companies, save searches and view company’s ‘about’ videos. We‘re even working to creating an embeddable widget, making it easy to share the information in our database in articles or on other websites. Companies can advertise in our database (and reports), gaining access to the broad range of subscribers and readers in the industry.




Our beautiful, comprehensive monthly reports are the only fashion tech focused publications available. Each issue will include news from the previous month in fashion tech, comprehensive investment information and statistics, as well as detailed analysis of the larger trends in the industry. Because we love you, we’ve made our inaugural issue available for free download here. If you love it as much as we do, you can subscribe today to get all future monthly reports and stay on top of the ever growing world of fashion tech.

Starting today, we’re offering full access to our database, as well as monthly and annual subscriptions to our amazing reports.

Check it all out here.


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Our database is brand new! We welcome and appreciate all feedback and suggestions. If you’d like to make edits to your company’s profile page or submit your company for possible inclusion, please drop us a line!