Founders Tell All: Aubrie Pagano

Founders Tell All: Aubrie Pagano

Customization is a huge trend in fashion tech and one company is doing it in a smart and innovative way. Meet Bow & Drape, the company that is allowing women to design their own made-to-order dresses. We are thrilled to have Bow & Drape founder and CEO, Aubrie Pagano, speak on our “Founders Tell All” panel about public relations in the fashion tech space.

Prior to starting Bow & Drape, Aubrie earned a degree from Harvard University in history and literature, as well as worked as a management consultant for Fidelity Investments. In 2011, Aubrie decided to pursue her dream and become an entrepreneur, launching her first startup, Zoora Fashion. The online marketplace was named one of Teen Vogue’s “Top Ten Websites that Will Change the Way you Shop.

In September 2012, Aubrie launched her second venture in fashion tech, Bow & Drape. The “Build-A-Bear for womens apparel” includes a vertically integrated manufacturing supply chain and distribution. With six silhouettes, women can choose everything from sleeve length, to hem length, color and embellishment detailing, creating an item all their own. The silhouettes, which range from maxi dresses to scarves, are designed by Sarah Parrott, who was once a contestant on NBC’s reality show “Fashion Star.”

You can follow Aubrie on Twitter: @AubriePagano

There’s still a couple of hours left to purchase your ticket to the “Founders Tell All” meetup in San Francisco. Get yours now! In addition to Aubrie,  panel members include Brian Sugar of PopsugarStephanie Palmeri of SoftTech VC, Lindsey Guest of Beauty Army, and Colin Stuart of Betabrand.


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